Chapter 124

The Ancient lowered her cup.

"Of course, there is more to this particular tea ceremony than merely drinking tea," she whispered, her kimono parting to allow Taiju a quick glimpse of her spotted but seemingly firm brown breasts.

Taiju suspected as much. That was the reason he had climbed for five brutal days through the unforgiving mountains to reach the witch's aerie. It was told that Ancient had uncovered the secret of life and death. Some said she was 200 years old. Others said 1000. Most people of course said she didn't exist. No one who returned had ever been able to find her.

The deep creases surrounding her eyes seemed to twinkle as she pulled the kanzashi from her hair, spilling her silver tresses down her back.

"If you wish to gain eternal life, then we must drink each other," she whispered and shrugged her shoulders, spilling her silk kimono onto the floor. She stood, shameless before him in her nakedness.

His eyes were drawn to the white

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