Chapter 126

To be a warrior, you must make friends with pain. It is a constant bedfellow who hung around just to say hello every so often. It lived as a reminder of the hazardous nature of the profession. It was a hazard that Aneesa knew about from a young age. The spirited woman was raised a fighter and proud warrior, one who shook off the occasional stabbing or attempt to decapitate her with a smile on her tanned face. In fact, she took pride in them, treating each scar as a new trophy to add to her collections of war stories. So Aneesa was no stranger to pain. Usually, she would grin and bear it, but this time it was different.

The poor woman's arms hung over her head, extending slightly behind her as they were chained to a point on the ceiling. It was a slow-burning pain as she had been in that position for what felt like hours. The chain gave her no slack as she fought to keep her body upright, leaning forward would only tire her more. The bind that she got herself in was ingenious

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