Chapter 127

"God that was fucking incredible." She said to herself after awhile. But while she wasn't expecting a response, she got one.

"I'm glad you thought so little one."

Her eyes flew open at the sound of the familiar voice.


"Yeah it's me Ali." His voice was raspy and husky sounding. She bolted out of her lab chair and began to pace back and forth in front of the desk.

"This is so embarrassing." She said meekly, looking down at the floor and playing with her fingernails. "I can't believe you just saw that." Even though she knew that Braden had been responsible for the air-induced orgasm, she was still embarrassed at being caught in such a position.

Braden waited for her to pass by him again and then reach out for her arm, pulling her so that she stood in front of him. He ran his fingers along her temple before tucking a stray hair that had fallen from her pony-tail behind her ear.

"You have absolutely no reason to be embarrassed. Y

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