The Necromancy Vampiress
The Necromancy Vampiress
Author: Khenny books

Chapter 01


Note:: Mate in vampires world means husband, wife, fiance and vice-versa.

Now enjoy 👍. 

☠️Prince Albert p.o.v☠️.

"Albert don't you see that we don't even hear of the higher royalty vampires today" Tiara, my mate said.

"Yes, I notice that too, maybe they've fed on some vampires" I replied and we kept walking in silence.

 I'm Prince Albert, the last child of my family. I'm from a family of six which consist of my father, my mother, I have two elder brothers and a junior sister. My brothers didn't like me a bit neither do like them, but my little sister is the only person I can't use her issue to joke.

After my mother, my mate, the next important person to me is my junior sister.

The higher royalty vampires are the most dangerous in our world. They fed on vampires from the royal family, is either the king himself, his Prince or his princess, and no one from the royal family dare confront them because they are higher royalty vampires.

Though we also fed on other vampires but not from the royal family, we fed on the wealthy family.

"Your royal majesty my Prince" a vampire said and bowed slightly.

Immediately I saw him I felt the urge to fed on him, I'm capable of doing so, I'm one if their Prince anyway.

"Move closer" I said commanded him. 

"Please my Prince, have mercy on me, I just went out to find prey for my family, please my Prince, my wife and children are starving at home" he said scarily.

He dares disobeyed me?, now I'm left with no choice than to suck him dry, I don't plan to drain all his blood before but for him to disobey me he must pay for it.

I looked at my mate with my already green eye and we both charged towards him, I plucked my canine tooth on his neck at the left side while my mate plucked hers at the right side, we sucked his blood with no mercy, after we've sucked him dry, we left him and he fell helplessly to the ground.

We glance at each other and laughed hysterically.

Now we need to go home, my sister will be waiting for me likewise my mate too, her mother will be waiting for her.

We left the helpless vampire and walked away, we were still walking and smiling victoriously to ourselves when we heard a grunting of an animal behind us, we thought it was another prey, but unfortunately, it was a vampire from the higher royalty that turns to a wolf.

With full speed, it charges toward my mate but before it got to where she was I pushed her and it plucked its fang on my neck.

"Argh!!!!" I kept shouting as it was sucking on me mercilessly.

My mate dare not move closer to us, she moves back a little from us shouting for help but who dare comes out? even if they do they can't render any help.

It sucked on me for more than five minutes before it turned to a bat and flew away but there's something odd about this particular Vampire. 

My mate ran to me fearfully.

"Take me home" I said faintly and everything went blank.

💉Tiara p.o.v💉.

How do I take him home?, how do I get him out of here? I don't know what to do, I don't know how to go about it and my mate must survive.

I turned to a bat and flew to the Palace to call the guards, they followed me back to where he was and we took him to the Palace.

Elders were waiting for us already, immediately we get back to the Palace, they started treatment on him, I don't know how they did it because I was told to wait outside.

I kept pacing to and fro of the Palace impatiently, thinking of how my life will be without my mate by my side, can I even live without him?.

"Your highness, the elders need your attention inside" one of the Palace guards said and led me inside.

I got inside and I couldn't control my tears with the sight I behold, my mate laying helplessly on the floor, looking all pale.

"Your highness, we sent for you not because we want you to panic at the sight of your mate but because you are the only person that can save him" one of the elders said.

"What can I do to save him?, please tell me I'm ready to do it, I don't care about anything it will cost me just please tell me, how many vampires do I need to hunt down for him to survive, talk to me elders" I said grieving.

"We are happy you are willing to help and we appreciate the bond you both shared but the mission is kind of dangerous, are you sure you are ready?" another elder said.

"Dangerous mission?, I'm ready elders, give me the mission and I will accomplish it" I said determinedly.

"If you said you are ready, we will go straight to point, you are going to the human world to hunt down seven human beings, and they are males only, we need seven lives to save the Prince and you have just seven days to accomplish the mission, six men will be used to restore the prince's life while the seventh one will be used to restore his lost power" the third elder said and I felt my heart racing faster than before.

But my mate must survive right?.

"I am ready to go if that's what will bring back my mate" I said and the elders look at themselves.

"You are ready?" one of them asked and I nodded positively.

"Okay we will inform the king now, you are leaving anytime from now because our Prince who turns out to be your mate must survive" he said.





🤒Romeo p.o.v🤒.

I sat on one of the couches in my room when my door opened and Anne enters.

"Hello babe" she said waking seductively to me.

"Hi Anne, how are you doing?" I asked and she walked up to me placing a wet kiss on lips.

"I'm not fine and I can't be fine until I feel you deep inside of me" she said and winked at me, I scoffed.

"Okay let's get down to business then" I said and pulled her closer to me, I crashed my lips on hers, and we started kissing and romancing each other.

"Anne, pull everything off let me be free with you" I said huskily.

"I will do that, but Romeo tells me this word I  have been dying to hear from you since this days" she said which made my blood boiled in anger.

Is Anne crazy or what?.

"Anne leave" I said calmly.

"Romeo but......"

"Leave my room right now!!" I shouted and dragged her out of my room angrily.

"To hell with you" I mumbled to myself.

Anne can be so annoying sometimes, I've told her several times without number not to talk about love beside me, but the babe is adamant.

My heart is not for love but my third leg is for trusting in and out while my money is for the slaying.

Mine is to make-out with any babe that crosses my part and pay her off, I don't want to know or hear about love, I hate love, to hell with love, but this Anne of a girl won't listen to me, is that too much for her to get into her empty skull?.

I don't go the bed with the same babe twice but I'm doing so with Anne because she is good at what she does.

When it comes to riding, Anne is a professional, when it comes to sucking, Anne can suck the life out of a dude, trust me she surely knows where and where to touch that will arouse a dude, but the only word that always causes trouble between us is this loving stuff.

Damn it!, and she turned me on already, I need to go to the club. I don't like bringing girls to my house except for Anne.

I'm Romeo Frederick, the rich and the most handsome playboy you've ever seen or heard about. I'm not just a random playboy I'm a big-time player.  

I can pay any amount to put my rod in anything as far there's a hole on it or in it. Well, I have the money so there's nothing to panic about.

I need to go and dress up for tonight clubbing, that babe ruins everything for me already.





💉Tiara p.o.v💉.

"Are you sure you're ready to go? because 7 days here means 7 months in the human's world, will you survive?" Our King asked.

"Yes my king, I will survive, I'm ready to do anything for my mate to survive" I said and he took in a deep breath.

"Okay Tiara if you said so, I will send some palace guard to your parent's house, they will inform them about your departure and please when you get to the human world, don't forget your mission there".

"Don't worry about how you will be feeding there, we have everything under our control here" he said.

"The elders know what to do, don't worry your preys will come to you by themselves and elders know what to do that will be giving you hint about where they are, yours is to go there and find somewhere to sit, they will walk up to you themselves just make sure you are following whatever your instinct tells you"

"You have my blessing" he added and bowed slightly before going out with the elders.

Going to the human world, for seven days? our days here are long that's why our 7 days here is equivalent to months in the human world.

I will go, I must go because my mate must survive and I will make sure I don't use exceed that 7 days.







🤒Romeo p.o.v🤒.

After taking my time to dress up for the club, I exit my room and found my way to the car garages, I entered one of the expensive cars parked there and turn on the ignition, the gate opened automatically and I drove out.

I drove straight to one of the most expensive clubs in town, I alighted from the car and stood beside it with my leg crossed for some minutes before walking in majestically.

I entered and all the strippers began to drool over me, giving me seductive look, who wouldn't drool over a handsome and rich guy like me.

A lady enters almost immediately and I can say she caught the attention of almost everyone.

I don't know when I found myself drooling over her and imagining doing naughty things with her.

She ignored all the eyes on her and walked majestically to one of the vacant chairs at the far end of the club to sit down.

"Wow! this is a golden opportunity I wouldn't want to miss" I said to myself and lick my lower lip in a bad boy manner before making my way to where she sat.


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