Chapter 02

💉Tiara p.o.v💉.

The elders transformed me to a very beautiful lady that I also envy my human look.

I left our world to the human world, I turned to a bat and flew there, when I got to an isolated place, I wore the bracelet given to me by the elders and turned to that beautiful lady I was.

I don't know a lot about the human world but my instinct directed me to a certain direction, I kept walking till I got to a crowded place.

"This is a club" my instinct told me.

I entered and all eyes were on me, I ignored them and found somewhere to sit, a young man walked up to me.

"He is a bartender" my instinct says again.

"Good evening ma'am, what can I offer you?" he asked.

"I'm fine for now" I replied as I was told.

The bartender left.

"Hello beautiful angel, mind if I keep your company?" I heard a voice and I raised my head.

He's a man, I smiled to myself, he walked up to me himself, first prey found.

😘Jackson p.o.v😘.

I felt bored at home and decided to go to one of the best clubs in town. Immediately I got there all the ladies started drooling on me, of course they all know I spend lavishly, they were all drooling on me not until that son of a bitch called Romeo enters.

I hate him to the gut, we are both ricin and handsome but he always caught ladies attention, we usually met at clubs and we've gone into money competition countless time, he always won.

I saw him drooling on the angel that entered a few minutes ago, so the crazy dude can drool on a girl, first time in history, now I need to overtake him, I saw him walking up to the lady but I  was fast enough to get there before him, I can see the look on his face, it looks childish and funny. 

 I don't care about any amount he might think of spending here tonight I will beat him to it just to have this girl on my bed I'm ready to go to any length, even if it means getting a  loan or using all my assets as collateral I must have a taste of this babe.

🤒Romeo p.o.v 🤒.

Damn!, how dare this son of a bitch overtake me, is he insane?, and he knows when it comes to competing he is of no match to me, but I don't think I'm in the mood for all that tonight.

He looked at me and our eyes met, he raised his hand and whispered 1-0 what next?.

He is ready for me tonight, let's play that game a little.

😘Jackson p.o.v Conti...😘.

I know the crazy guy is damn angry but I don't give a damn, now back to the primary investment in front of me.

"Angel I thought I asked if I can sit down or not?" I asked again with a fake smile and she pointed to a chair in front of her. I pulled the chair and sat down.

"May I know your name, angel?" I asked.

"I'm Tiara" she replied.

"Wow! Tiara that's a name for the beauty goddess like you, I must be so lucky to come across a princess like you" I said seductively.

"Really?" she asked.

I expected her to smile but she just keeps that straight face, she might be the kind of reserved babes.

"Hello queen, is with someone or you want a king like me to keep your company" crazy Rome asked.

"I'm with someone as you can see" she replied coldly.

"Ohh!!, am sorry I didn't notice him before, is he your driver?" he asked and I shook my head trying to suppress my anger.

"Baby you deserve people like us that can spend any amount just to make sure you look beautiful and outstanding, why don't we find somewhere better to sit and leave your driver here"  he said and closed the gap between them.

"Back off idiot, you can see she's with someone, why do you lack manner this much" I said, trying to act like a gentleman in front of my big catch.

"Did you guys know each other before, if you do then stop confusing me, let me know who's going first" she said and I gave Romeo a deadly glare.

This son of a bitch want to ruin everything for me tonight, but what does she mean by saying who's going first? maybe who she's going in with first, she must be a professional, this perfect body shouldn't be for nothing. 

"Mister, I was with someone before you came, so I would advise you to take your leave now" she said to Romeo.

He stood giving the two of us a deadly glare before he finally walked away angrily.

"My lady, let's talk about your price, I will tell one of my boys to get a hotel for us" I said, feeling so confident of myself, for her to send Romeo away, she wants me to delve deep into her.

"Me?, I don't use hotel, if you are not ready to take me to take to your house, you can also take your leave" she said proudly.

Why my house and not a hotel?.

She's truly bossy, imagine the way she's talking to me.

"No problem babe, let's take our leave then" I said and she stood up, I led her to where my car was parked.

Tonight will be different.


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