Chapter 04

💉Tiara p.o.v 💉. 

Just exactly the way elders told me, I don't know what to do with his money, actually, I don't have the idea of driving a car but I will drive it and land safely. I need a house, yes a house like a place he's living, but how do I go about it. 

Ohh!, I remembered he talked about hotel yesterday but what is a hotel?. I believe my instinct will guide me, I entered the car and sat for some minutes before I finally turned it on and drove to the direction my instinct was telling me.

After driving for almost an hour, I pulled the car to a halt in front of a beautiful building, it just like that bastard's house but the difference was that there are a lot of cars there.

"This is a hotel" my instinct told me.

A hotel?, wow!, the hotel is a beautiful place, I don't know it's as beautiful as this I wouldn't have turned down his offer of coming to the hotel yesterday, but I still have to know his house. Hotel isn't for people like me.

I alighted from the car and walked in, even the interior decoration isn't bad.

"That's the receptionist, enquire" my instinct told me and I moved closer to the lady. 

"Hey" I greeted.

"Good morning ma'am, how may I help you" she asked.

"I need a room for seven months excluding feeding" I replied.

I don't want to own anything in the human world because I'm going back to my world after seven months. 

And as for feeding I don't think I can feed on anything than blood, and in as much as I'm seeing a man to mate with I will be strong, mine is to be draining their power, their power will serve as food for me. 

"Excluding feeding? don't you eat?" she asked looking at me like she has never seen someone made mention of no feeding before.

"Maybe she doesn't have money for feeding, good for nothing human being" a lady that wore the same cloth as the receptionist said.

"That's too harsh babe! remember she's our customer, don't do what will make the boss sack you, what has she done to deserve those harsh words" the receptionist said.

"Whatever!" she said rolling her eyes.

"Okay ma'am, I apologised on her behalf, would you like to pay with cash, transfer or credit card?"  she asked.

"I have some cash with me here"  I said and brought the money out of my bag.

"Alright ma, here is the pass to your lounge, make yourself comfortable ma'am, and you can call on us if you need anything" she said with a smile, the other lady just shrugged and looked away.

"Tell her to take me there" I said authoritatively.

"What??" the annoying lady said, if not that I don't need woman blood, I wouldn't have hesitated to suck her dry.

"Your wish is our command ma, babe, take her to her lounge" the receptionist said and the annoying girl stood giving me a murderous look before leading the way and I followed.

She took me to a  beautiful room, wow!, the human world is beautiful, everything about it is lovely just that I don't belong here, I don't think I can survive without my mate, if not that it's a must dor me to come to the human world I'm always glued to my mate.

"When you are done drooling make yourself comfortable and that's if you wish" she said and walked out closing the door angrily.

If she knows whom she's dealing with I'm sure she wouldn't have been talking to me like that.

She'd better stay on her lane.






😘Jackson p.o.v😘

"Hello Mr Jude" I said into the phone.

"Please Mr Jackson I need my goods, my clients have been demanding for it, you shouldn't have collected my money when you know you won't deliver it on time" he said angrily over the phone.

"Emmm... Mr Jude, I'm so sorry, I will deliver it before this month runs end" I said and I heard him hissed before disconnecting the call.

Why is my business crashing like this, there's a container that ought to have landed since the day before yesterday I don't even hear anything from those that are supposed to bring it. 

And I've spent almost all the money in my account to Tiara, just because of interaction, the intercourse that I've never for once enjoyed it, every time we had intercourse, I always felt powerless because I always felt like she was draining my power. 

How do I go about it now, I'm losing a lot of client's. I have a debt of almost five hundred million dollars to pay and the money in my account now is less than one hundred and fifty dollars, anyway I don't want to feel remorse for spending on Tiara but I promise myself that next time she visits me I will make her beg for mercy. 


🚫1 am🚫

💉Tiara p.o.v 💉. 

I sat with my mate talking and cracking jokes, I've missed him so much,  he stood up suddenly and turned his back at me. 

"Albert, what's the problem?" I asked. 

"Tiara it's time for the first prey to be sacrificed, now go and hunt for him. Go!!!!!!!" he shouted and I found myself tossing and turning uncontrollable.

Phew!, my eyes popped open and I found myself on the hotel's bed. 

Ohhh!, it was just a dream but it's a month already, it's due time for the first prey to be sacrificed as Albert told me.

😘Jackson p.o.v 😘.

The downfall of a businessman is the worst thing ever. But why is everything happening to me like this?, I want to sleep but I couldn't.

I stood up sluggishly from my bed and found my way to the living room, I walked to the breakfast bar and served myself a chilled alcoholic wine.

Suddenly the light in the sitting room dimmed red by itself, what happened? is anything wrong with it? I was still thinking what could have caused it when it dimmed itself to blue again, blue? wait! this thing is getting scary.

 It's only my room that I had a blue bulb and I only turned it on when I want to sleep.

So what's happening?, it dimmed black again, oh my lord!, something isn't right here, I'm going back to my room upstairs because I'm getting scared already.

I heard the breaking of things in my kitchen.

 Father lord protect your son, what is happening to me, I stood scarily and made to run upstairs to my room when a heavy wind blew and my door opened automatically and everywhere became dark.

I fell scarily on a couch behind me, I began to hear some horrendous sound after some seconds everywhere became bright and what I saw was the most terrifying animal I have ever seen.

 I felt like I'm watching a horror film.

 This is a bat in front of me but not just a bat, one side of it was a female vampire's face while the other side was a bat's face.

This is damn scary.

Father lord help me!.


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