Chapter 06

💉 Tiara p.o.v 💉

"To hell with your soul" I said and left Jackson already demolished apartment, I returned to the hotel and wore my bracelet,  I used my necromancy power to call out my bat, and transferred all the blood to it to take it home.

Now the next thing is how to find the second prey, I will go to another club tonight, I want to be fast with everything. I can't wait to see my mate. 

I hope this weakling's(Jackson) blood will do a little in the task ahead of me. 

This crazy annoying hotel girl won't stop frustrating my life and if care is not taken, I will use her blood to quench my thirsty. 

🤒Romeo p.o.v 🤒

Wow!!, the bastard is gone already. Now, that angel is mine and mine alone no dragging. 

He should thank his star he died a peaceful death, I was also planning to kill him already. 

Now, this babe will have to dance to my tune whether she likes it or not, but I will give her little time to grieve her lost boyfriend before I take my chance. 

"To hell with your soul, crazy Jackson" I said and laughed hysterically before serving myself a chilled, I mean a very chilled drink to celebrate my victory. 

God has fought for me, what else? he thought he can just take my angel away like that. 

"But Romeo you are going crazy already, when did you start thinking so much about ladies?" my subconscious asked me. 

I don't even know, I can't explain either, I just know that babe captured my attention and she tightens my heart in her left hand, even when she wants to eat, she can't release it because she can't use her left hand to eat.







💉Tiara p.o.v 💉

It's night again!.

Night to hunt for new prey!.

Night to go out as a runs girl.

Night to go and teach those greedy men some lessons.

The club is where people like them are always seen.

You noticed I don't even think of going to church, mosque or even shrine, because those places my secret might be exposed, but club!, Yes, a club that's the best place for people like us to hunt for preys.

I wore a black top that reveals my cleavage very well, I took the car key and went out of the hotel room to where my car was parked, I bumped into someone on the way, that I nearly fell but the person was enough to catch me.

I looked up and saw a huge man staring intently at my open boobs, exactly how I want it, I smiled to myself.

"Excuse baby girl, are you also a worker here?" he asked licking his lips.

"Do I look like a worker?" I fired at him.

"Uhmm...sorry... I don't even know what is wrong with me, may I know your room number? oh! I forget to tell you, I'm the owner of this hotel, yes, I built it with my money" he ranted on.

"You owns the hotel mean what?, were you told I'm here on credit? I don't have time to stay here and be exchanging words with you, my room number is 024, is that all?, I'm out of here" I said and walk out on him.

He should check on me if he's ready to go.

I went to where my car was parked and drove to the clubhouse my instinct directed me to.

I got there and parked very well, I alighted and entered.

I found somewhere at the far edge to sit, I caught a glimpse of that bastard I met at the hotel a month ago, is he stalking me now? his death wish is very strong.

I was looking at him from where I sat likewise him too, he was looking at me from where he sat, none of us is ready to look away.

I jerked back to reality when someone tapped on my table, the anger I felt that instant was inexplicable,  but why?.

I raised my head angrily and met three boys standing in front of me looking lustfully at me.

"What can I do for you?" I asked with an angry tone.

"Nothing much baby, mind foursome?" one of them asked.

"Yeah!, let's all go in at once and check each other out" the second one said.

"Trust me girlie, you will wanna have more" the third one said.

So three preys walked up to me at once.

Sounds interesting though.

"Hey, do you have a house?" I asked and they both looked at each other before bursting into loud laughter.

"Big boys like us won't have a house?" one of them asked rhetorically.

"We have houses, we have cars" the second one said.

"And anything you might wish to have, just name your price" the third one said.

"That's better, let's go to your house then" I said.

"What? Our house?" they all asked at once. 


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