Chapter 07

💉Tiara p.o.v 💉. 

"What!?, our house?" they all asked at once. 

"Yes, is anything wrong with that?" I asked feeling infuriated. 

"No girlie, nothing is wrong, why don't we use hotel, we will lodge at the most expensive one" one of them said. 

"I don't use hotel, if we can't go to your house, then get out !" I said angrily. 

"Calm down babe, you don't need to yell, we will take you to our house, don't worry" the second one said. 

"Move closer guys" he added and his friends moved closer to him and they whispered something to each other, they all shook their heads positively before bursting into loud laughter. 

They're planning to hurt me.

I looked at them pitifully. 

"Let's go girlie" they said and led the way, I stood up and followed them, I looked back at the idiot that kept escaping before I finally followed the ones playing with their dear lives. 

We got outside and they led me to a car that looks like a toy, it's not even as nice as the car the late Jackson gave me. 

"I have my car here with me, one of you should come and join me and the remaining two will take yours" I said irritatedly, I can't sit in that dirty thing they called a car. 

Are these lowlife things rich?. 

🤒Romeo p.o.v 🤒

I'm still in the spirit of celebration, so I decided to go for clubbing, but I don't want to go to where I met that girl, so I went to another club, I got there and as usual they all started drooling over me. I'm used to that though.

I noticed since I met that girl at the club a month ago, I don't usually feel like talking to other ladies, my heart wants her.

She captured my heart, I can't even explain what's wrong with me.

I found somewhere pleasant to sit, I called the bartender and asked him to give me Amaretto, after a while he came back with it, I told him to leave and I served myself.

It's really chilled, which add more to my feeling I was sipping from it little by little when I noticed people looking at a particular direction.

Who is coming? who are they looking at?.

I also looked at the direction and to my greatest surprise, my beautiful angel entered.

I felt like running to her and give her a warm hug, but am I okay? I have to act like a man.

She is still supposed to be inside by now, she just lost her boyfriend. Not like I care anyway.

She sat at the far end of the club, my eyes were still on her, she raised her head and our eyes locked, I don't think I'm ready to look away likewise her too, we kept looking at each other, but she looked away when three boys walked up to her.

"Damn!" I muttered to myself.

I don't know what they ware saying but I just saw the boys whispering something to each other and they all laughed, except my angel.

After some minutes of their conversation, the boys led the way while she followed them, she gave me one last look before she finally left.

Again!?, why am I so sluggish, I sat here looking at her and some riff-raffs just came and took her away, I lost her again this time around.

To hell with you boys!.

You will also die as Jackson died because anyone that wants to stand as an obstacle for me will die.





🚫 Next morning 🚫.

💉Tiara p.o.v 💉 

"Babe you tried yesterday, you gave us all till we begged for mercy" one of them said.

"I felt helpless last night, I felt like my blood, my power, my strength and my soul left me" the second one said.

"Same here" the third one said.

I don't know why they are reciting a poem for me now, I expect them to hand over any amount they can offer to me, they aren't rich at all, their house looks like the place poor vampires live in our world.

"We enjoyed it so much, so we will like to appreciate your effort for being a good girl, look at me" one they said with a cold voice.

I looked back at him and I saw him pointing a gun at me.

You want money, house, car and all the good thing.

You want to reap where you don't sow.

You are a fool, a big one to be precise.

Take a good look at us, we are hustlers, when I said hustlers, I  meant we are armed robbers.

You just met your doom.

"Armed robbers?" I  asked. 


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