Chapter 08

 💉Tiara p.o.v💉

"You just met your doom" he said. 

"Armed robbers?" I asked and they looked at each other and laughed. 

"The idiot is asking her mate?" they said. 

I look at them feeling pity for them already, if only they know who they are dealing with, I felt like sucking them drain right now but I calm myself down, they are going one after the other and it's not yet time for the second prey. 

"Idiot, drop your car key" one of them said.

Me? drop my car key? if only they know they are playing with fire. I don't need to stress myself concerning their matter, they will surely do whatever I ask of them since have gotten them trapped in between my leg.

"Guys, don't let us do it like that, I can't leave my car with you, are you kidding me?, but don't worry I will be coming here more often and I promise not to collect a dime from you anytime I'm going back"  I said and they looked at each other.

"Don't worry I won't inform the cops also" I added and they smiled.

"You are such a good girl, you mean you won't inform the cops about us and we will also be copulating with you for free?" they asked. 

"Exactly, that's just it" I replied and they grinned widely. 

Idiots, they are unaware of what they are saying right now, useless set of people. 

"I need to be on my way now" I said and they all stood up at once. 

"Let's walk you to your car"  they said and we all went to where my car was parked, I  entered and zoomed off.

They can't even walk properly, but at least they can still limp.

🌹Author's p.o.v 🌹

They walked Tiara to her car, she entered and zoomed off.

Immediately she left, the boys looked at each other and burst into loud laughter, they laughed for their victory.

"Guys that babe enjoyed our dick so much, that was why she begged to come again" one of them said.

"Of course yes, I can't wait to have her in my bed again, she's a professional" the second one said.

"But did you think we should choose her honeypot over our profession? I was expecting us to collect her car key, all the money on her, killed her, then dump her where no one will find her" the third one said.

"Oh! this is true, but why can't we think straight when she was still around?" the second one asked.

"We were just carried away by the sweetness of her pussy but next time no escaping route for her" the third one said smartly.

"I support you, hopefully, she promised to come back, we must show her the stuff we were made up of, anytime she shows her ugly face" they concluded and went in.

💉Tiara p.o.v 💉.

Those idiots can't do anything to me, they might be planning it behind my back but they dare not try anything funny in front of me. 

Armed robbers? they even pointed their gun at me, can it kill me?. 

I parked my car at the hotel car garage and alighted, I got to the reception and met the annoying girl there, I have no business with her though, so I just walked past her. 

I made to climb the stairs but her voice stopped me.

"They are cheap whores, they have no other name than cheap whores, busy fucking all the men in town, mine is that don't dare move closer to my man or else you will have yourself to blame" she said eyeing me.

"Who are the cheap whores babe? you and who again?" her friend asked joining her.

"Who else will it be? no other person than the chimpanzee standing over there" she said pointing to me.

This girl is crossing her boundary and I think it's the right time I show her place.

I walked up to her and landed two slaps on her left cheek.

"What!?, did you slap me? bitch how dare you?" she said holding her cheek.

"Yes, and I will gladly do it over and over again" I said furiously.

"You will never try such a thing with me, again. Never in your life" she said and raised her hand to slap me.

"Don't dare bring that hand down or else you will regret it" we heard an angry masculine voice.

"I will do it and there's nothing you can do" she replied without turning back.


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