Chapter 09

💉Tiara p.o.v 💉.

"Don't dare bring that hand down or else you will regret it" we heard an angry masculine voice.

"I will do it and there's nothing you can do" she replied without turning back.

"What the heck is wrong with you Anne?, what's your problem?, why must you always pick up a fight with customers?" the person asked and that was when I turned back.

Ohh!, the Ceo of the hotel, but why is this crazy girl talking to him like that.

"I don't know what your problem is, but I'm getting fed up of you already"  he added and the girl just rolled her eyes.

"Go and wait for me in my office, I'm coming for you soon" he said and the bitch stood giving me a deadly glare before she walked away seductively, shaking her useless ass.

"I'm sorry princess, pardon her manner" he said after he's done watching the so-called Anne's ass.

"No problem about that, but try to teach her how to treat customers" I said and he smiled.

"I'm sorry once again, let me walk you to your lounge" he said and led the way while I  followed.

"I will pay you an official visit here in your lounge, be expecting me" he said when we got to my lounge and winked at me before walking away.

Idiot playing with his life.

🌝Anne p.o.v 🌝.

That bitch is annoying, I hate her for her moderate boobs, I hate her for her perfect shape, she's just an annoying attention seeker, no man can resist her. 

Why will she lodge in our hotel, Alex won't let her rest till he has a taste of her and that's annoying, who knows if she met with Romeo or not, and that son of bitch won't be able to control himself if he sees her, I don't want him to come across any lady as beautiful as me till am ready to go back for him.

"Anne baby, when will you stop being too jealous?" I heard Alex's sarcasm voice. 

Yes Alex is my boss, he owns this hotel but he's a great flirt, he can put his dick in anything in as much there's a hole in it. 

"Alex, why did you keep me waiting since, are you fucking that witch?"  I asked angrily. 

"Come on, you know I can't do that, you are still my babe in this hotel, no one can beat you to it and you know" he said sitting on his chair. 

"You are a dickhead why don't you allow me to slap that bitch back? don't you know how annoying it was?" I asked rolling my eyes. 

"I know how annoying it was, but you can't slap her back remember she's our customer, what did you want people to be saying" he said and pulled me closer to himself,in a way that I stood between his laps. 

"Whatever!. But I hate that monster if I see you around her just consider yourselves dead, both of you and I mean it" I said sternly. 

I can't sit back and watch another bitch take my place in Alex's life, apart from Romeo he's the only person that can spend any amount just to see me happy. 

"How about your local wife?" I asked sarcastically. 

"Oh!, you mean that witch? I divorced her already, let me gist you" he said and I  paid rapt attention to him. 

"Our maid, she is a beautiful lady but not as beautiful as you thought, she got the perfect shape that could turn even an impotent man on, but unfortunately she doesn't know how to use it, I tried to seduce her one day when I was horny, but the bitch turned down my offer saying she can't betray my wife, so there was a day I stop at a chocolate shop, I got her different chocolates, one of the chocolates has been drugged".

"I injected it because I know that was the type of chocolate my wife used to get for her".

"At first she refused to collect it but when I  threatened to fire she collected it and just as I expected when she wanted to eat it, she ate the exact one I injected, how I know? the house is mine so I always have my way". 

"She ate it and slept off, she slept like a log of wood, so I sneaked into her room and make sure I fucked her real good, but to my greatest surprise and enjoyment she was still a virgin, my wife caught us, the first thing she did was to beat the idiot mercilessly and sent her away after that, till date I never heard from the girl again".

"Since the day my wife caught me with our maid, she changed to me, always misbehaving, so, one day I told her to cook a kind of food I know she can never get, she complained, but I paid less attention to her".

 "She cooked the food but she ends up making rubbish, so I picked up a fight with her, that was how I put all the blame on her and divorced her" he concluded smiling, without feeling any remorse about it.

"Wow!, Alex, all this happened and you never told me" I said feigning annoyance.

"I just don't want you to stress yourself too much, I'm all yours now" he replied.

"You had better be mine, if I see you with that witch, you won't believe what I will do to you" I said.

"But it's not like we have a marriage agreement between us, what about Romeo have you forgotten about him too?" he asked and I look away.

I can't deny the fact that I love Romeo, though we are just sex partner I love him.

"Let's just forget about that, I never love Romeo so stop being too naughty" I lied.

"Really? anyway let's get down to business" he said and pressed his head between my boobs.

"Stop Alex, I'm still mad at you, so let go of me" I said in between my moan.

"Really?, you don't mean it, you are mad at me but what you are feeling right now is happy with me, can you see your hands pressing my head to do more" he said and I looked down at my hands, I'm indeed pressing his head to do more.

Of course, I want to feel him inside of me.



💉Tiara p.o.v 💉. 

How time flies! It's a month already and I've paid the idiots countless visit, but they are always rendered helpless anytime they set their eyes on me.

Who the fuck do they think they are dealing with?.

 I, Princess Tiara will always be above them.

I slept on the bed and as usual, Albert showed up and told me it's time for second prey. 

Wow!, it's time for second prey already, now let me go visit "we are hustler when I say hustler I meant we are armed robbers" I remember how that idiot spoke to me that day. 

Let's see the real hustler between the four of us, they have a gun, they will shoot till they get tired. 


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