Chapter 10

🚫1:30 am🚫

💉Tiara p.o.v 💉

Let's see the real hustler between the four of us, they have a gun, they will shoot till they got tired.

I don't want to stress myself too much, so I took my car key and left the hotel for their house, I got to their e so-called house and parked my car.

I knocked on the door and one of them came to open it.

"Wow!, Tiara what are you doing here by this time, it's too early" he said.

"Let me in first" I said coldly.

"You and this your cold attitude, when will you learn to smile and talk calmly" he said as he opened the door widely for me to enter.

I entered and he locked the door, we both sat on one of the couches in their living room.

"Do you miss us to this extent, that you can't even wait till daybreak before coming?" his friends asked joining us.

"Is good she's here, seeing her alone is getting me hard, baby why don't we just get down to business at once" one of them said.

Well, I need strength too, so meeting with them right now will give me power.

"Let's do that first before we get down to business" I said and they moved closer me on the couch.

They wanted to start undressing when I heard Albert's voice in my head again.

Exactly the time for the second prey to go, but who is going first among these three?.

I removed my bracelet and turned to a full vampiress.

"What the fuck!" they all exclaimed together and ran to hide behind the couch.

I laughed hysterically.

"Where are you all running to? I thought you all have a gun, one of you should go and bring it, I'm waiting"  I teased and they all shivered in fear.

"Tiara are you joking, or you are acting, you are getting us scared already, how did you wear that mask in a twinkle of an eye? remove it please, it looks scary" the big mouth idiot said.

He still has a mouth to talk.

"Keep quiet, and let me tell you the  truth, I, Tiara I'm a vampiress not a human being like you, I was sent on a mission here in the human world, I need seven lives, the life of  covetous people like you, you made it easy by walking up to me yourself, I'm running out of time, I don't have the whole night to myself, who is going first?" I asked and they fell on each other.

"Stand up and move closer to me, come to mommy, babies come to mummy, I know you like what you are seeing, don't worry I won't kill all you together, just one person is needed, I know the remaining two of you will be safe, it's not like anyone knows you, anyway".

"Or do you think I don't know your reason for staying in a remote area like this?, you did what you did back then for my favour because it's favouring me today, we are all safe" I said.

"Please don't do this to us, I'm too young to die and if at all you want to take someone please take him, he is oldest of us all" the one I know as Jordan said pointing to the fool that pointed his gun to me the other day. 

"No please, I'm the youngest, not the oldest, Jordan is the oldest," he said scarily. 

"No, he is the oldest". 

"No, he is the oldest"

"No I'm the youngest" they kept passing it to each other. 

☹️Jordan p.o.v ☹️. 

What have we got ourselves in to?. If I'd known I wouldn't have followed my friend when they were going to meet Tiara that day, now we've gotten ourselves in trouble. 

I know I'm an armed robber, same as my friends, we don't rob in this vicinity at all, we do rob in a faraway city, we moved to this remote area for our safety, neither the cops nor our family members can find us here, but unfortunately for us, we brought our death home ourselves. 

Tiara?, Vampiress?, I've watched it in movies but I don't believe they exist, we've fucked vampiress, we've gone too far, now we are to account for what we've done. 

Fuck!!. I hate death!.

"Okay I will start from youngest then" she said.

Like seriously?, I'm the so-called youngest here, no I can't just die like this.

"He is the youngest" my friends pointed to me.

"No I'm the oldest, saying I'm the youngest was just a slip of tongue" I defended.

"Who is going first for the last time!!!?" she shouted provoked.

She looks scarier now, everything about her changed, her canine tooth is now showing visibly, even her eyes colour changed.

There's real fire on the mountain.

"I can't wait any more, I ran out of time already, you are going first!!!!" she shouted turning to.

Turning to who?.


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