Chapter 11

😔Jordan p.o.v😔.

"You are going first" she said turning to Audrey.

"Please don't,...I'm....too.....young to go first...please have mercy on me" he pleaded but I  think it's too late because she was in front of him already, without thinking twice she plucked her canine tooth on his neck.

"Argh!!" he cried out in pain.

"Perfect" she muttered after sucking him till he fell helplessly on the floor.

I felt a cold shiver ran through my spine, I can't even look at her, eyeball to eyeball.

She looks scary is an understatement.

I can't believe this is happening, Audrey is gone, just like that? is this how she will kill us too? we've bitten more than we can chew.

Vampiress?, Tiara the beautiful and gorgeous lady?, No!, I won't let her kill me, I will rather run to a far-away place, where she won't be able to find me.

"I'm coming for you, don't think of running away because I'm now your shadow, there's nowhere you can go without me" she said.

Does she read minds too?.

This getting tougher.

As if everything she has bee doing wasn't enough, she began to transform little by little, till she transformed completely to a big scary bat and flew away, the air her wings blew is enough to kill us if she's ready to kill us.

What the heck!!!!.

"Jordan!!!!" Chris shouted and ran to me, we hugged each other crying profusely.

"She said she's coming for us, how do we go about it? Audrey is gone already, she killed him, Jordan she killed Audrey" he said crying and hiccuping at the same time.

I don't know, I don't even know, I'm frightened, is this how I'm gonna lose my life?. 

"The first thing is to go and bury Audrey ourselves nobody, not even the cops must know about it or else we will end up in jail" I said using my thumbs to clean my tear. 

Audrey was like our strength, now he is gone there's nothing we can do, but is he gone?.


"Audrey!!" I shouted and sunk beside him, Chris also joined me and we both sat crying like a baby.

"Chris let's go and find somewhere to bury Audrey it's 3 am, and in the morning we will leave this place, we must take the risk and we will take it" I said confidently.

😋Alex p.o.v 😋.

I was strolling in my hotel when a car like Tiara's drove in.

Is she the one?.

Where is she coming from?.

What is she doing outside by this time of the day?.

I just finished a quicky with Anne, so I decided to come out for fresh air, maybe I will be lucky to know what Tiara posses, today, she must be as good as Anne.

She parked her car and alighted but this her face isn't friendly at all.

What could be the reason?.

"Princess Tiara" I called.

She looks like a mermaid princess, at least we've watched it in movies countless times, but she just looks like them, she isn't one, because mermaids are always nice and the Tiara here isn't nice at all. 

"Princess Tiara" I called again but she ignored me and walked past me to her lounge, I ran after her, we got to the door, she inserted her pass and entered, I was fast enough to enter before she locks the door.

We entered at the same time, yet she doesn't look at me.

"Princess Tiara darling" I said and moved closer to her, I  made to touch her when she looks back suddenly.

Our eyes met and my whole body began to malfunction, my legs began to tremble, my body became numb, the coldness I felt wasn't a joke, I opened my mouth to speak but nothing came out.

Now I felt like the whole room is rotating, maybe I should shout for help, I tried to talk again, I opened my mouth, but Nah!, nothing came out.

Is Tiara still in this room with me?.

I'm dying.


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