Chapter 12

šŸ’‰Tiara p.o.v šŸ’‰ 

I sent my messenger (bat) to our world already but it isn't back and I won't be the real human till it's back. I might look like a human being but Nah!, I'm yet to transform fully to a human being. 

I wore my bracelet and entered my car, I drove straight to the hotel, I can see the stupid CEO walking to and fro with his hand behind him.

Immediately I parked the car, he walked up to me smiling sheepishly.

"Princess Tiara" he called.

If only he knows the power I use to felt inside me anytime he calls me princess he would have stopped it a long time ago.

I ignored him and walked to my lounge, but he wouldn't stop the Princess's poem he was reciting.

I got to my lounge and inserted my pass, I entered, instead of him to back off he followed me in.

"Princess Tiara darling" he said and moved closer to me, h

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