Chapter 13.

šŸ’‰Tiara p.o.všŸ’‰ .

They moved out.

How dare they moved out without my consent?.

What kind of trouble is this?.

They dare moved out.

These two idiots are playing with fire for giving me a headache.

Where the heck did they ran to?.

Jordan and Chris you guys shouldn't have tried moving out I warned you about this before.

I need to perceive their odour wherever they are, I removed my bracelet and closed my eyes my tight.

What the heck!. Police station?.

What are they doing there?.


And this is past 1 am the third prey must be sacrificed before 3 am.

I wore my bracelet back and drove to the police station shown to me.

I drove in and parked my car very well, I alighted and checked the time.

What the heck!. it's 2 am alread

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