Chapter 15

šŸ’‰Tiara p.o.v šŸ’‰.

I wish to make those bastards go through hell before choosing the one I want, but the time wasn't by my side, Jordan is smart and strong that was why I chose Chris, I know he might tell the police, that was why I made him went dumb, in their next life they won't allow themselves to be carried away with stunning face and perfect body.

And as for that officer, he's one of my prey, the sooner he knows the better for him. I've gone through a lot today I need to rest my head.

I drove to the hotel and parked my car very well, I alighted and found my way to my lounge, the crazy girl wasn't on duty, so I'm stressed free. They believe I'm a call girl, they don't know they've accommodated a monster.

I got to my lounge and slumped on the bed, after sending my bat to our word.

I'm going back to the police station tomorrow, I will scold those incompetent innocent officers.

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