Chapter 16

šŸ’‰Tiara p.o.v šŸ’‰.

I need to go to the police station, I will have a conversation with those incompetent police officers.

I took the red gown I bought some days ago and wore it, I love it, it looks beautiful.

I took my car key and left for the hotel's car park. I got to where my car was parked and opened the door to get but Alex's voice stops me, he can talk to me now, it been long he talk to me since the incident of sleepwalking to my room.

"Hey Tiara, can you spare me some minutes?" he asked,  I closed the door and rested my back on it.

"Okay go on I don't have much time to use," I said sternly.

"Fine, Tiara is sorry for what happened some weeks ago, u didn't mean to invade your privacy, it was just that...just that hate doesn't have may excuse giving anyway but am sorry anyway," he said sincerely.

"Alex you don't offend me so it fine" I

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