Chapter 17

Vampires World. 

šŸ‘»Princess Maijat p.o.v šŸ‘». 

I sat beside my brother expecting Tiara's messenger, since the day of the incident I've been the only one taking care of him, my mum does come sometimes and likewise dad too but my two brothers they've never step their in his room, II don't know why they hate each other to this extent and we are all from the same mother and father, so why the hatred?. 

When the first prey was sacrificed my brother's hand moves, the second prey, his breath became a little bit normal, third prey, his breathing became normal but his eyes are still closed, today the third prey will sacrifice what will happen? I was still thinking and staring at my brother's handsome face when Tiara's bat flew in, as usual, he flew to where he was and transferred the blood to his body and without wasting time it flew out of the room and disappeared into the thin air.

I sat

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