Chapter 18


I sat in my office thinking of how to break the sad news to these boys' boss, on a normal hand I'm not supposed to be scared but what excuse will I give when they ask why I refused to charge them to court, they ain't suspect they are the real culprits.

Guns and hard drugs were found in their bags, with different sim cards and credit cards, without even thinking twice I should have handed them over to those in a higher position if I can't charge them to court, I didn't do anything,  I even told my boys not to touch them since the day I saw the lady that came as their boss, all my thought was that she would come and we will do trade by barter, I will find something to do about her boys even if it means arresting innocent people.

Now I lost everything, I lost it all, and this lady warned me not to let anything happen to the second boy in our custody but that bastard also committed suicide.


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