Chapter 19


I know my plan will work, she thinks she's smart, but I'm way smarter than her. I'm not afraid of the boys dying in my custody neither am I afraid of breaking the news to her, but I'm afraid because I don't know who they all work for.

Most times people like them work for those in higher positions like the senator, governors and so on, nobody not even the commissioner can tackle people like that, no one dares delay their boys, but I did till they both died in my custody, but since she gave in without any stress that means they have no boss. 

When I'm done with her I will turn her in, we will charge her to court or I will even tell one of my smart boys to clear her off without any trace and that's the end of the road for her. 

I was just making a fake promise when I promise her to get her boys in replace of her boys, I have to act smart to make her believe me, this will

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