Chapter 45

Romeo p.o.v

I kept running for more than an hour and suddenly I hit my leg on a stone and stumble.

"Oh no" I shouted as the wolf was getting more closer.

I tried to stand up, but I think it's too late because the wolf is right in front of me already, it started making a horrendous sound and it kept turning around me then suddenly it turned into a vampiress and dig its long nails in my neck.

"Oh no, somebody help, Tiara!" I shouted and my eyes popped open.

Oh my mummy! I can't believe I've been dreaming for the past hour.

I checked the time it was exactly 4 am, so slept off on the couch, does that means Tiara didn't come yesterday?,  this dream is scary and it's been a while since I watched a horror movie.

I need to see Tiara as early as possible today because I couldn't find her in the dream, I need to check if she's fine.

I don't think I can sleep again, I'd better be watching movies, I need to go to my room first,

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