Chapter 46

Tiara p.o.v 

I can't believe I stayed behind for Romeo and I still didn't get him, I'm confused and scared at the same time, not because of anything but Albert, what will happen when he comes?. 

Even Romeo, we couldn't make out more than once, that's why he's still rich, had it been he's also obsessed with me like other preys, his own will be worse, but he always saw some flimsy excuses to give.

I hope Albert can give me another chance, and I promised not to let this slide away.

"Princess, what's bothering you?" Romeo asked.

"It's nothing, I'm fine" I replied.

"Princess, this might sound funny and childish, you're free to make a jest of me till any level you want, but if you know what usually caused it, tell me, because I don't know why, since almost two months now, I've been having a terrible nightmare, I don't know why I kept seeing vampire, wolf and big bat every day I sleep" he said and I grew angrier.


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