Chapter 47

Romeo p.o.v

Tiara doesn't seem to care about what I told her, does she hate me this much?. 

I told her I've been seeing different dangerous animals in my dream, but she just showed little or no interest in it, what have I done wrong to deserve a sadist as my lover, I shouldn't have brought myself to love her, now that I love her I'm scared to leave her because if I do, she won't get hurt, but I  will, instead.

I can't believe a lady can get me wrapped on her finger just like she did, is it some sort of spell? does she possess some kind of supernatural power? or what exactly went wrong with me?.

The ringing of my phone distracted my thought, I checked who the caller was and it was an unknown number, whose number could it be? I'm a businessman, so I don't need to worry about that, I swiped to the receiver side and placed the phone on my ear.

"I should have called you to come and see your so-called girlfriend's reaction when her real b

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