Chapter 48

Tiara p.o.v

"Tiara, it's time to hunt for that boy" Albert said tapping me lightly.

"Oh! it's midnight already, let's go, let me take my car key" I said.

"What? did you always drive when going to his house at the midnight?" he asked.

"Yes" I replied.

"You shouldn't be going in your car, that will make you feel comfortable, remove your bracelet, let's go in the bat form" he said and I removed my bracelet.

We turned into bats and flew to Romeo's place. We flew to his bedroom and met him sleeping on his bed shirtless.

"Let's get started" Albert said and we turned into vampires, we dipped our nails Into his neck, he didn't budge, we made it went deeper, but nothing changed.

"Turn into a wolf" Albert said and we turned into wolves,  we still didn't have any effect on him.

"Tiara, what's happening? who's this person?" Albert asked.

"I don't know either" I replied.

We turned into vampires, wolve

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