Chapter 49

Tiara p.o.v

I knew something was wrong at the hotel, but why Albert couldn't tell me is what's getting me worried.

Romeo kept asking me what the problem was, but who is he to solve it?.

I didn't answer him because everything was caused by his bad luck, could it be he has died like other preys, Albert wouldn't have come to the human world.

He makes me feel like I'm incompetent, and the same goes for Albert, but can we overcome him if we start keeping something from each other?.

"Princess" Romeo called, but I pretend to be asleep, I don't want to talk to him.

"Are you sleeping?" he asked, still I didn't reply.

After a while, I felt his hand on my wrist, what's he doing? I stayed still to see what he was about to do, I was surprised when he removed my bracelet.

What is he doing? the light in the room went off because immediately he removed the bracelet I've turned into a vampiress, w
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