Chapter 52

Maijat pov continues...

"Why did you do it?" the queen asked.

"Why they did it is not necessary, they will be used as a sacrifice to bring peace back to this kingdom, Albert is stuck in the human world, so there's no need to be merciful to them, but before then tell us why you do it" the king commanded.


"It all started when Albert was chosen to be the next king, we  aren't happy with it, because we don't want him to rule, we believe the ruling should be by age, not by fate"

"We thought of what to do, so we called him and tried as much as we can to convince him about turning down the offer of being the next king, after so many attempts and we see that we kept failing, we turned him to our enemy, always finding fault in whatever he does".

"We later came up with a plan to get him out of the way, so the night he went for a walk with Tiara, we turned into a vampire and charged towards Tiara because we know he can do an

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