Oh God!, just remembering last night makes me cringe.

Watching as Dean and Mr Riley had a full on punch up right there in the local pack hospital.

It took four guys on each side to restrain them both.

They both want me and I'm so confused. Neither of them would let me talk!

I can't even find out my mate's name because I haven't actually been alone with him yet.

My head is all foggy, so many questions and ideas filling my head.

I'm now laid up in bed. A weeks' sick and left to recover from my idiotic self inflicted accident and come to terms with all this new information.

My head hurts, throbbing and healing from that bloody mirror. I feel drowsy from the strong pain killers.

I want a bath but refuse to have one while I'm this drowsed. I will not put myself at risk.

Just rolling over on my side, I'm slowly drifting off to sleep. The doorbell sounds loudly, making me cringe.

I whimper, and sigh. "Who is it?" I ask softly as I head out of my room and down the hallway.

"It's Dean! Let me in, baby."

I smile and unlock the door, looking up into my master's eyes. "Hi! What's up?" I ask. "Did I do something?"

Dean looks confused. "No of course not! I wanted to see how you were... maybe finish where we left off?"

I smirk. "That can be arranged but I want a bath first. I've had my pain killers so don't feel safe bathing."

At that, Dean grabs my legs, throwing me up into a bridal hold, making me squeal before heading into my bathroom.

After sitting me on my stool in the bathroom, Dean rolls up the sleeves of his shirt and begins to run the bath.

I just sit and watch him. This incredibly gorgeous man makes me feel special and incredibly turned on 90% of the time I'm with him. The only sucky thing is, it feels like I'm cheating when I'm with him. I guess it's because I haven't accepted or rejected my mate. I just know he's there.

Within 5 minutes, the bath is full. Bubbles overflowing and a sensual smell of the bath oil aroma. Jasmine and vanilla musk filling the room.

Dean joins me in the bath.

The water is enticingly hot. It's relaxing to my over stressed body. We both played as Dean got to wash me.


I am laid on my sofa with the TV on. Dean has just left, letting me rest.

Some mindless program is on, but I'm not concentrating. I'm zoning out, thinking about my current predicament.

Dean, my Dom, my current best friend. He is my confidant, my lover and the only person on this planet I actually trust.


Mr Riley, my soul mate. A man I have only met once. I hardly know him or anything about him. Not even his first name.

Talk about conflict? As I lay there that night in bed, I couldn't help but think about Mr Riley, my mate.

I was so confused.

How could I even choose between him and Dean without knowing him or who he is.

Just at that moment, my bedroom window squeaked open, causing me to scream in panic.

What the hell?

I see a clothed leg slip in, then another. Then a flexible body, a toned chest. Arms, shoulders, neck and a head.

I am greeted by my mate.

My wolf howls excitedly, bounding around in my head.

I jump off the bed, unsure of what I should be doing.

I was drawn to Mr Riley like a strong magnetic pull, but I felt as though I'd be betraying Dean.

Why the hell am I so conflicted?

"Oh, hello Mr Riley." I whisper, unsure of what else to say.

I am greeted with a mouth watering, sexy grin. "Lizzie. How are you?"

I swallow. "I'm ok. You?" I ask shyly.

I watch as Mr Riley stalks towards me, my stomach doing somersaults at the prospect of him being close to me.

His hand slowly slips onto my waist and he pulls me close to him. Our bodies touching intimately, especially with the fact that I am wearing nothing but a large t-shirt just about covering my modesty.

Mr Riley skims his nose over my neck, breathing in deeply, making me whimper. "By the way dear mate, my name is Holden. Please stop calling me Mr Riley, it makes me feel old."

I swallow hard and nod at him.

"Holden." I whisper, my body having a mind of its own, slowly placing my shaky hands on his muscled biceps.


"Now that is sexy. Say it again!" He moans.

Answering his request. "Holden." I whisper again.

"Kiss me Lizzie. Now." He murmurs, his warm sweet breath enveloping me.

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