"M-my ass, Russ..." she panted huskily, still dazed and trembling from the aftershocks of her massive climax but very clear and determined about what she wanted next. "More cum, baby... I need more cum in my ass... Oohhh Russ, I want you to fill my asshole full of your cum!"

By some sort of miracle, I managed not to blow my load right there and then as Lizzie's lascivious request echoed in my ears. Smiling like the lust-drunk and lovestruck fool that I was, I just nodded and pulled out from the clutching sheath of her soft dripping pussy, causing both of us to groan.

As I fumbled through my discarded clothes to retrieve the bottle of lube, Liz groggily shifted and rolled, until her knees were down on the floor and her upper body was pressed onto the bed. Bent over like that, with her back arched, her legs held close together and her gloriously round bubble-butt tilted up high, the plump perfection of my sweet Lizzie's beautiful ass was accentuated so much that it made me tremble with
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