Eventually, as the feel of her brother's hands caressing her sumptuous asscheeks and the butt-stretching presence of his massive schlong crammed balls-deep into her creampied rectum continued to send sizzling jolts of delight all over her surrendered body, Michelle let out a long sigh and sensuously wiggled her dick-skewered rump before speaking in a languid cooing tone.

"Wow, that was even better than I expected... Much better!"

"Yeah, it really was," Tyler concurred, feeling all warm and fuzzy inside as he drank in the way his sister was smiling dreamily at him, looking over her shoulder with lust-glazed and love-filled eyes. Kneading her fabulous booty with utter reverence and flexing his fat schlong deep inside her narrow, cum-filled anal tunnel, he added with a grin: "And that was just me sticking my dick inside your sweet little butthole. I haven't even started actually fucking your ass yet!"

As they shared a naughty chuckle, Tyler started slowly grinding his groin against Miche
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