On top of the brain-melting pleasure she had got from the butt-plowing rampage her brother had just unleashed on her eager orifice, the feel of Tyler's strong body weighing sweetly on hers as his third yet still gigantic ejaculation flooded her warm cock-crammed rectum undid Michelle completely, wiping her blissfully out. As rope after huge rope of potent brotherly cum inundated her buttery bowels, Michelle mewled out a kiss-muffled scream and let her lust-clouded eyes close while yet another gushing anal climax shook her, coaxing even more juices from her sopping wet, virgin little pussy.

By the time Tyler was done flooding his sister's insatiable asshole with his creamy seed and he finally pulled back from their breathless soulkiss, Michelle was barely even awake. Her curvy little body had gone ecstatically limp, her eyelids had fluttered closed but a big dreamy smile shined on her gorgeous O-shaped lips, testifying to her happiness and satisfaction. Feeling quite spent himself yet
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