"Okay, Ty, now that I have a big load of your cum up my ass I'm officially ready to go to Gabby's party! Shall we?"

Rolling his eyes at her adorable giggling face, Tyler could only laugh along with his sister in reply to that disarming, lewdly funny declaration.


Since Gabby Valdez was the most popular girl in school and the undisputed monarch of its convoluted social hierarchy, it seemed only natural that she should host the graduation party at her swanky house and invite all the graduates to the event.

Much nicer in person than her apex predator status would suggest, only rarely displaying the capricious and slightly tyrannical traits that may be expected of a head cheerleader and prom queen like herself, Gabby had always struck Michelle and Tyler as a surprisingly likable alpha female. Of course, it did help that Gabby liked both siblings in turn, Tyler for his cool composure and detached handsomeness and Michelle for her winning combination of cuteness and smartness.

Gabby ha
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