Beside being floored by the sudden discovery of that forbidden threesome, Michelle was instantly hooked on the glaring contrast between Eddie's and Rob's almost brutish presence and Gabby's graceful sensuousness, a discrepancy that further enhanced the spectacle of the head cheerleader's ripe tits jiggling softly as she wantonly bobbed her sculpted face on her cousins' powerful boners. Not failing to notice the trickling sheen of nectar that glazed Gabby's shaved pussy lips, yet being mainly mesmerized by the image of the brunette's talented cock-stuffed mouth gliding fluidly all the way along the twins' huge schlongs over and over again, Michelle had to struggle for a few long seconds before she could remove her gaze from that incestuous scene and silently turn toward Tyler.

Meeting his questioning gaze and furrowed brow with a stunned wide-eyed stare, Michelle silently mouthed: "It's Gabby! With her cousins!"

"What!? No way!" Tyler mumbled under his breath, swiftly positioning himse
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