Once Upon A Drunk Night
Once Upon A Drunk Night
Author: Stephanie Akeni


Elena’s POV


Have you ever felt that you hated the way you look and wish you can change everything about your life. Well if you have, you are just like me.

I was born on the day my father claims is the happiest day of his life and I came with a twin or my twin came with me, I was born fifteen minutes after Eloisa, my twin sister, the perfect one.


You see Eloisa was my mom’s favorite, she was smart, had my mom’s blond shiny hair and baby blue eyes, a tall and slender figure, a well tanned skin, a great body in total, she looked a lot like my mother and she is a lawyer. My mom loves Eloisa, but I don’t think she feels the same about me, when it came to me, I wasn’t exactly the perfect little daughter my mother expected.


I have always been a plus size since birth and not the smartest one you could find, what can i say, i really hated school and reading.

I was plump, my mom was always worried about my size since when I was a kid, but people convinced her that I will turn out okay when I grow older and when I grew older, I increased in size and weight, that’s when I got the sad treatment from my mother, she was always complaining about everything, my size, that I’m not smart enough and a whole lot more.

I already gotten used to her comparison between me and Eloisa that it didn’t hurt anymore like it used to hurt me when I was very young.


But I was my dad’s favorite, my dad did everything to make me happy, he always told me that I was his favorite, my dad tells me I look a lot like his late mother, my grandmother and I reminded him of her a lot and my dad loved his mother a lot.

I have blond hair and light blue eyes, me and Eloisa were not identical twins but we kind of look alike because we had the same eyes and the same color of hair, the only difference was our size, what can I say, my sister looked like a Victoria secret model and I was more fleshy, I was the size of my grandma when she was a teenager, only that I’m no longer a teenager. My thigh were very thick, I had curves, I would love to think that my boobs were okay, but my fat ass added to my problem, plump cheeks and short fat fingers and toes.

But I was quite tall, even taller than Eloisa, well that didn’t do me any good since it earned me the name of hulk in high school,

Anyway forget about high school, it is all over, but my dad loved me just the way I am and didn’t discriminate like my mom did, he loves me with everything and with all his heart, he was always spoiling me with gift and goodies to make me happy whenever I was sad.


I think Eloisa was jealous about that, because she will always try to taunt me whenever father spoilt me with gifts, my sister was practically the major bully through out my life, she always tried to make me sad and cry whenever father scolded her because of me, she even went as far as dating every boy I had a crush on just to taunt me and she still do it till now.

I guess her jealousy took over, I mean she was the smart one, the beautiful one, she expected dad to also love her more than me just like mom, but she never got that, she gave up fighting for his attention when dad announced that he wants me to inherit all his businesses, which mom wasn’t pleased to hear, but that didn’t stop Eloisa from being the bully she was.


 But now here I am, a married woman. I got married before Eloisa and not only that, I got married to one of the hottest, richest bachelor in town "Diego Perez", he stole my heart the very first moment I met him in my sister’s birthday party also my birthday but she was celebrating it alone.

 He came with his friend Lorenzo Martinez, who my sister is smitten with, but he doesn’t even look at her, he is rich and has a very good reputation in the business world and he is also very handsome and very manly, I guess that why Eloisa likes him so much.


Anyway my husband is the best man around, Diego is a tall slender man, he has blond hair and beautiful hazel eyes, he is not very muscular but has the perfect body of a god, he is hot and sexy and I love him, we dated for four months before Diego asked me to marry him, dad thought it was too quick since it was my first relationship, but I didn’t really care much, I love Diego and he loves me too, so dad agreed and now here I am two years after my marriage as Mrs Carter Perez.



Diego is my everything, he is the love of my life and everything to me, I don’t care what other people say about him, Eloisa and dad strongly believes that Diego only married me because I was to inherit my daddy’s companies, you see my family has a long line of wealth, my dad was born into money and he also made money, a whole lot of it. 

But I know Diego loves me for me, he is the only one I have got apart from dad, he loves me genuinely and doesn’t care about my size, if I am pretty or not, he loves me for me, he doesn’t compare me to nobody and doesn’t complain about my size or advice me to go on a Diet.



I have what I always wanted, a man that loves me for being me and very soon me and Diego are going to start a family, I will have everything that I always wanted, a happy family and a loving husband.

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