Lorenzo’s POV


I quickly arrange my suitcase, I had accompanied Diego on his little trip, since I had some business to take care of in California and also to escape Eloisa.

I don’t know why she doesn’t get it that I’m not interested in her in anyway, I have tried being polite and also rude, but the damn woman doesn’t just get it, she pays me a visit everyday, even my mother doesn’t visit me everyday and she is clingy.


I had to return home today, I had a few meetings to take care of back home and I just can’t stay anymore and watch my bestfriend treat his goddess of a wife like fucking trash, if I stay one more day I might end up putting Diego in a goddamn hospital and letting my little secret fly free.


Here I was running from the clingy Eloisa, Diego was running from her twin Elena.

I hated the fact that he married her even if he didn’t love her, but I couldn’t do a thing, he is bestfriend and I can’t ruin our friendship. He kept lying to her about all those fucking trips he took, we both know the truth, he doesn’t like her or even want to get close to her one bit, there was no business to take care of, he just wanted to get rid of her and keeping on living his flirting life and here I was dying to have the attention of a woman like Elena.

I would give anything to have her smile, anything at all, but all I can do now is watch the woman I love from afar in the arms of my fucking bestfriend.


Yes, Yes, I love Elena, I have always loved her, I have tried to forget her, to stop loving her, to get her out of my fucking mind and heart, she is my bestfriend’s wife for fucksake, but I couldn’t, she had imprint on my heart the very first day I met her, she already owned me and enslaved me in my undying love for her.


 I met my damsel in her sister’s birthday bash. Eloisa has invited me to her birthday in Hawaii, I was on vacation there and she just happened to be there for a vacation also.

Diego wanted us to attend because he was smitten by Eloisa, the fucker loved everything that had a slender sexy body and a pretty face and hearing she was a Cortez, had him all buttered up to posses her.

I met her first, talked to her first, she was everything I wanted in a woman, my kind of woman, my own Miss perfect, sexy, curvy, fleshy and beautiful inside-out.

But everything was ruined when Eloisa came to our table to introduce her as her twin and me as her boyfriend, it all went down the drain when Eloisa just had to mention in her drunk state that are sister was the heiress to theirs daddy’s business empire.

I lost my woman that night, before I could get a hold of her privately and tell her about my feelings, my bestfriend already had his hands on her, she was is girlfriend.


The fucker didn’t even love her, he just wanted to get his hands on the Cortez business empire, he only married because of the possessions she held in her palms, now that he finally got a partnership with her father. He abandons her but won’t divorce her because that will ruin everything.

I know my friend is a good for nothing jerk, but growing up with him as my friend can’t change our friendship.

 I made it to the hotel lobby to see Diego dressed and with a suitcase, he grin at me and I can’t help but think he has something up his sleeves

“Where are you going, I thought you said you were enjoying California and the women here, Don’t tell me you changed your mind and thought of your bored wife”

He scowls at the mention of Elena, why do I feel this has to do with her

“Don’t even get me started on that woman, she is trying to prove to be fucking smart, I can’t handle a day with her, I’m going to Canada, got some new friends over there. Come on Lorenzo you have nothing doing at home and if you go back to Los Angeles, you know Eloisa is a tireless tigress, accompany me to Canada, I promise you the women there are better”

Jesus Christ!, how did I end up being his friend

“Why are you running Diego, what has she done to you to make you treat her like fucking trash, I can’t accompany you to Canada, I have responsibilities to take care of unlike you”

He looks at me with a frown before he brings out his cigarette and light it and walk out, I follow after him and stop him before he gets into his car

“What is happening Diego, I didn’t mean what I said, I’m just pissed that’s all”

He looks at me and shrugs before grinning 

“She is coming here, I can’t stand her for even a minute not to talk of staying with her, everything about her is fucking trash, she looks like a fucking pig and the sex, the sex is disastrous. I forgive you man but I can’t stay here and wait for her to show up, she will show up tonight, see you anytime I get see you again, goodbye amigo”

Wait, she is coming and he is leaving, this fucker is going to hurt her, I tried stopping him from getting into the car, but he gets in and lock the door and smirk at me, stupid fucker

“Open the damn door Diego, you don’t treat women like that, especially your wife, you will fucking hurt her man”

I continue to struggle with the damn door, when the car starts speeding off, fucking motherfucker. He peeps out the window and smile at me, why did I ever made friends with this asshole 

“She is not my problem amigo, say hi to my mama for me once you get back to Mexico”

That fucker, he left her, he fucking left her. I can’t leave now, she is going to hurt so much once she arrives and find out he left, I have to at least receive her from the airport and give her the news personally, yes that is what I’m going to do, I can’t let that asshole hurt her.

I quickly take my bags back to my hotel room and book a room for Elena, I get myself together and drive to the airport, i will have 

to wait for her since I don’t know exactly what time she will arrive, no matter how long it takes.

It 7:30pm and she is not yet here, I hope that fucker wasn’t messing with me, he know I have a soft spot for Elena, he thinks I feel pity for her, only if he knows how i really feel about her, he would freak.


I continue waiting and no sign of Elena, I let sleep overwhelms me, suddenly I feel a sharp poke at my sides, it like someone is trying to tickle me, who the fuck is this.

I quickly grab the hands and it feels soft and chubby, wait!, I opens my eyes to see Elena smiling at me

“Can you let go my hand iron man, your grip is tight and rough and I can feel my poor hand crumbling “

She gave me the name iron man, when I hugged her one faithful day, in my defense I missed her and wanted to see her badly that day, so that explains the bone crushing hug I gave her, but since then that name stuck.

Looking at her now smiling and standing in front of me, I now realize that I missed her, I fucking missed her, I drag her down into a bone crushing hug and she giggles, her giggle is sweet music to my ear, I can’t help myself right now, I tried avoiding her before coming here and seeing her again, I can’t help it, I still love her

“You are crushing me iron man, did you miss me that much”

I look at her and smile and nod, she smiles back at me, I get up and take her luggage

“So tell me what have you been up to Iron man, I haven’t seen you for a year, don’t tell me exercising, I can see you already, you are getting muscular and bigger by the day, I’m sure my sister will fall inlove with you all over again once she set her eyes on you”

I frown at her at the mention of her sister, she knows I don’t like her sister in anyway, she laughs at my expression and I can’t help but smile

“Don’t look at me like that, my sister doesn’t give up, you should know that by now, now tell me where is my baby”

Shit!, what do I tell her about Diego, this is going to hurt her so fucking much

“I’m sure you are very tired Elena, you had a long flight and need some rest, Diego has business to take care of and he will meet you at the hotel, so let get going”

That will do for now, I quickly push her into the car and get in also, she looks at me with a curious gaze before looking away

“So he couldn’t even make time to pick me up from the airport, he just had to send you to do his work for him”

She sad, I can feel it in the way she sounds. I tilt her Chin and turn her head towards me to see those beautiful eyes of hers

“You know That’s not true, he loves and adore you Elena and I insisted to be the one to fetch you, how is that bad, I have missed you a lot and wanted to be the first to see you, now stop being sad and smile for me”

She smiles at her and that warms my heart

“You always have your way with words and I missed you too, even if you have been breaking my sister’s heart over the pass four years”

I hate it when she mentions her sister, she laughs at my expression, she always like to tease me.

We drive to the hotel and she goes to her room to rest and I went to mine.

 I have to figure how I’m going to tell her about Diego disappearing, I can’t fucking hurt her, what do I do. I sit in my room till I hear a knock, I open the door to see Elena staring at me with teary eyes, what happened to her, I drag her in and caress her face

“Where is he, tell me the truth Lorenzo, I asked the receptionist and she told me he checked out this morning, why did you lie to me and tell me that he was attending to some business, tell me where he is!”

She screams and starts to wail, it hurt me so much to see her hurting like this.

I hold her steady and wipe away her tears, she push me away and look at me with a serious gaze 

“I knew something was wrong with the way you responded when I asked you about Diego, tell me now where the fuck is he!”

She yells at me, okayyy she is burning hell up inside her, she is angry.

I take a deep breath, I can’t believe I’m telling her this

“He had to leave this morning to Canada, he had business to take care of, he didn’t want you to be alone when you arrived so he asked me to keep you happy before sending you back home tomorrow “

She looks at me like I had betrayed her and that fucking hurts me.

I want her to Say something, she looks at me with teary and confused eyes, before collapsing on the ground, I rush to her side as she wails uncontrollably and hit me.

I can’t stand seeing her like this, that fucker had to ruin her mood every fucking time

“You are a liar, a good for nothing liar, I hate you and I hate him so much, I hate the both of you”

She says sobbing and crying her heart out, I don’t know what to do, how do I comfort her, how do I help her out of this pain, seeing her like this is hurting me so much

“Yes I’m a bad and disgusting liar, I didn’t mean to hurt you like this, I couldn’t tell you the truth because I know you would be hurt”

I hold her still in my embrace for what felt like hours, while she cry’s her heart out before stopping and sniffing, before she pushes me away and get up

“Thanks for calming me down, I have to think, please I want to be left alone in my room “

She walks out before I could say anything, well I have to respect her wish to be alone, that was some drama.

I lay on my bed and decided to take a quick nap before going to look for her, I can’t let her sulk all day


I get ready to hit the bar at the poolside, I have tried knocking at Elena’s door but she is not answering me and I also tried calling her but she didn’t pick, so I’m going to hit the bar and try reaching out to her tomorrow, it already 10:30pm, I shouldn’t bother her anymore, I need to get rid of stress.

I get to the bar only to see a familiar blond hair, sitting and drinking her life away, what the fuck does she think she is doing. I rush to her side and drag her off the stool

“Hey, watch it buddy I was sitting there “

She is drunk, totally and unbelievably drunk, what happened to this woman, right my friend happened to her, she looks at me and smile 

“O it you, the bestfriend, always covering up for your friend, come on let drink together, at least I have you with me”

She drags me by the arm towards the table

“What the fuck do you think you are doing Elena, come on I will take you to room and you are going to rest and never try this again”

She looks at me and frown and drag her arm off mine, now what tantrums does she have installed for me

“Don’t you dare tell me what to do, I’m a grown ass woman and capable of taking care of myself, your friend treats me like I’m not his wife and abandons me and you are trying to control me. I have feelings, I’m human and the Both of you are hurting me so much”

She starts crying, everyone’s eyes are on us. Jeez, now I have to get her to stop crying 

“I’m so sorry Elena, come on take a sit and stop crying, I’m so sorry I hurt your feelings, please stop crying “

She looks at me and sob, she is even so fucking beautiful when she is crying.

No, focus Lorenzo, she is your bestfriend’s wife

“Why did he do that to me, why does he abandons me every time, he tells me he loves me but why don’t I feel that he does, why do I feel that everyone is so right about him lying to me and I’m wrong, why does he treat me this way”

She starts crying all over again, I pat her back and try to calm her down

“Tell me iron man, I’m I not pretty enough, is because I’m fat, does he feel I’m ugly and he doesn’t want me, tell me what is so wrong with me that my own husband will run away from me like this, he is never please with what ever i do, he complains about everything I do for him, he complains about the sex, our life and everything “

He fucking hurt her, this is making me so pissed off, seeing her like this is hurting me and making me angry 

“You are perfect just the way you are, nothing, absolutely nothing is wrong with you, now stop sulking and crying and let’s have some fun”

She sniffs and look at me and smile, now that is more like her, if this will make her happy, then let get fucking drunk, I also need it to drown my unhappy self

“I like you very much iron man, order away, I should have gotten married to you instead, you are more fun”

I know she is only saying that because she is drunk, but I’m happy hearing her say it like that.

I can’t claim to be drunk, I’m a little gone pass tipsy but I can find my way, but Elena is fucking drunk out of her mind, we slowly dancing shakily and wiggle our way to our rooms, I try to steady Elena and myself as I drag her along to her room,

We get into her room and collapse on her bed, she turns the other way and laugh

“You are so drunk Iron man, I miss Diego, I hate Diego, I hate my mother, I hate everyone, except daddy”

She continues to speak gibberish to herself, as she turn to me and we lock eyes, her eyes are twinkling like stars, why did I ever let her go to someone else, she is the most beautiful and amazing woman I have ever met and I lost her.

“You are so beautiful Elena“

She looks at me and smile, she gets closer and Kiss me and step back, I can’t help it, I draw her closer and kiss her roughly and passionately and she responds to my kiss with equal passion, as we rush to remove our clothed bodies.

Well there goes my friendship.


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