Elena’s POV 


I open my eyes and look around the room. My head is killing me, what did I even do yesterday with myself, I am never drinking ever again in my life.


Yesterday had to be the worst day of my life, Diego left me, he fucking left me all alone.

Wait I was drinking with Lorenzo, where did he go, wait I kissed Lorenzo last night.

I turn my head as I feel a light breath tickle the side of my face, I turn and what i see terrifies me


Oh my God, Lorenzo is sleeping next to me, wait what did we do, I slowly sneak a peep inside my duvet and I’m naked!, I’m fucking naked!, what have I done, what have we done, I had sex with my husband’s bestfriend, how could I betray Diego like this, one night, just one night Elena and you mess up your entire life. I slowly get out the bed and get dress.


He must have been pretty fucked up and drunk not to wake up by now.

Well i am not staying another moment here. I quickly grab my phone

and carry my bags quietly outside, immediately I make it outside, i book a ticket back Los Angeles and I make a run for it. I get into the taxi and drive straight to the airport.

What did I do, I betrayed my husband, I cheated on Diego with his bestfriend, how could I, i was out of my mind upset with him but that didn’t mean I wanted to sleep with someone else, most especially his friend, I have fucked up big time, how could I let it happen and to think I just ran out on Lorenzo without saying anything to him, he was only trying to comfort me and now I have made him commit this mistake with me.


I arrived at Los Angeles and take a taxi home, immediately I enter the house, i am greeted by my mother’s confusing gaze.

Not today God, I can’t fucking handle her today

“You didn’t inform me of your return, you should have taken the pill, what happened this time”

I walk pass her, I’m not ready to give her any answer, I’m stressed, I have a migraine and I am fucked up in my head.

She steps into my path and blocks my escape route

“You are not Going to ignore me Elena Cortez!, I am your mother and I deserve your respect, now tell me what that good for nothing husband of yours has done this time”

My mother only talks like that when she is mad, seems like someone already touched this tigress tail to get her like this

“Mom can we have this chat later, I feel sick and stuffy, I’m stress and in need of sleep and I have the worst migraine ever, please"

Her expression soften and she caresses my face, strange, my mother is never affectionate 

“Fine, I don’t want you to think that I only love to pick quarrels with you all the time, but we are talking about this later at diner, should I call the doctor “

How is my mom being caring and soft, this day can’t get any more worse can it

“No, I just need to take a bath and take something for the migraine and sleep, I will be alright”

She shrugs and leaves my path taking her sit at the dinning table, I quickly step on it and walk away

“I will have someone send you an something for your pain and also do get some rest, if you don’t feel any change I’m calling the doctor “

Strange, we have never seen eye to eye before. I quickly step into my room and take off my clothes, I need a nice relaxing bubble bath, I lock myself in the bathroom and prepare my bubble bath. As I relax in the bathtub, I can’t help but think of my betrayal, even if it was the greatest mistake, I feel refreshed, happy, like someone gave me a nice early Christmas present that I always wanted.

Diego hasn’t made me feel this way in a long time, whenever we had sex, he is always complaining about the sex, it wasn’t always good enough for him and I agree, I thought having sex with the one you love was beautiful and magical and the feeling was out of this world, but 

we never really got that feel.


Even if I feel remorseful and guilt for what I did, I can’t help but think that having sex with Lorenzo was a lovely and magical mistake, maybe I feel that way because I was drunk. 

I get out of the bathtub, this isn’t relieving my stress, it is adding to it, I take a quick shower and collapse in my bed butt naked, I see the pills on my nightstand and take them and drift to sleep.

I’m woken up by my dad’s voice, calling me, I sit up with my duvet wrapped around me and see him staring at me with worried eyes 

“Honey, I didn’t mean to wake you, your mom called me that you came home upset and you were not feeling well, how are you doing my love”

I can’t help the tears that threaten to spill at the sight of my father, I quickly hug my dad to avoid him from seeing me cry 

“Baby, what happened in California, what did that bastard do to you, tell me Elena, did he hurt you, are you crying my love”

My dad releases me from our embrace and caress my face, i can’t tell him, he will definitely kill Diego and probably Lorenzo, but still it hurts being reminded of everything that happened, I can’t help the tears that spill uncontrollably 

“Tell me Elena, what did that fucker do to you!, I’m so going to kill him!”

I hold my dad back and embrace him, I might hate Diego for leaving me in California but i still love him and he is still my husband and I can’t have dad ruining that

“I’m fine dad, Diego just had a lot going on with work and I felt bored, so i decided to come back home because I missed you, I wasn’t feeling well because of the stressful journey “

I wipe away my tears and smile at my dad, he continues to look at me with a curious gaze

“Are you sure honey, you are not trying to stick out for that loser, tell me the truth Elena”

“I swear Dad, I’m not trying to stick out for him and if he troubles me I will tell you right away anyway, so that you can whoop his ass”

He looks at me and smile, before dragging me into a bone crushing hug, I need this, I need to forget everything that happened in California 

“Now stop sulking in your room, I’m here now, come on, it time for dinner, let not keep your mother waiting “

I go downstairs after getting dressed to see my mother and Eloisa sitting at the dinning table.

Great!, my mother just had to invite her favorite child home, i take a sit opposite Eloisa and she stares at me with a smirk

“You are back Elena, what happened to your trip, didn’t stay long”

I hate her, I fucking hate her, dad glares at her and she shuts up

“Don’t bother your sister Eloisa, she is not feeling to well”

I’m not letting it go just like that, she better watch out, I’m cranky, heartbroken, guilty and don’t have time for her pretty girl drama 

“My trip was great dear sister, I saw Lorenzo in California and he seems to be having a good time with one woman, what was her name again, o Jane. I feel he likes her, he might end up proposing very soon”

I grin at her as the smile is completely wiped from her face replace with a frown, well she shouldn’t have messed with me today of all days. She drops her fork loudly, everyone stares at her, she looks at me shocked and heartbroken as her tears threatens to spill, now why do I feel bad for saying that to her.

“You are a miserable liar Elena, I’m done, you can eat all by yourself”

She walks out, my dad turn to me and snickers, I shouldn’t feel bad for her, she has done worse to me. Well that will teach her to mind her fucking business, I turn to see my mom glaring at me

“You are never going to change Elena, and Richard I can’t believe you support this childish behavior of hers, she is 28, she needs to stop arguing with her sister like a child “

There goes the little love I thought she was showing me, my mother will never change, my dad turn to her and burst into laughter and I join in too

“Come on Eva, you know your daughter better than anyone, the man moved on, so fucking what, her sister was only looking out for her welfare, she is also 28, she needs to grow the fuck up and find someone who wants her and want to spend his life with her”

My mom glares at the both of us, before she stands up and walk out grumbling something to herself, me and dad look at each other and continue eating, well there goes another family time, I’m sure Eloisa is crying her eyes out upstairs.

Once dinner was over my dad left to take care of some paperwork and i retired to my room, don’t want to run into mom or Eloisa, because we will end up having another big argument. I pick up my phone to see several missed calls from Lorenzo, I can’t talk to him right now, I can’t face him or even handle this situation, what we did was wrong and despicable. 

I should just forget about that night, yes, if I want to feel less guilty and get out of this situation I should forget anything like that ever happened.

I picked up my phone and block Lorenzo’s number, we are never talking about that night because it never happened and I will make sure we keep it that way.


I quickly put on my yoga pants and one of my favorite Superman T-shirt, I make it downstairs to the dinning table for breakfast and everyone stares at me like I have birds on my head.

I know I look like a fucking mess, I had cried my eyes out last night, I was unable to sleep because of the guilt I feel and that has reflected in my morning look.

My eyes were red and puffy, my hair looked like a bird nest and I’m sure my face looks swollen from lack of sleep. I quietly mouthed a good morning and quickly take my sit, my dad touch my arm and I look up to see his worried eyes on me

“Are you okay hun”

I smile at him and nod, I’m sure if I say a word right now, I will end up crying my eyes out all over again 

“It is obvious that you are not okay, your trip went bad, if only you had listened to me and do exactly as I had said, you wouldn’t be having all this problems in your marriage”

Oh my God!, Why is it that whenever this woman opens up her fucking mouth, she always end up annoying me, I can’t take it, I won’t have it. I get up from the table and excuse myself 

“Don’t you dare walk out on me and your father Elena, why can’t you just be a well behaved child like your sister, you always want to do things your way, now look at where it got you, your husband left you and you are left alone sulking”

I turn and stare at my mother, how can she be my mother, every chance she gets she ridicule me like I disgust her

“You are going to watch your tongue Eva, don’t forget you are talking to your daughter and you are hurting her”

My dad screams at my mom, she looks at him with an outrageous look, before she turns back at me, I don’t want to even hear what she has to say, 

“Wait Elena, I’m sorry, I just care about you and even if your father wouldn’t acknowledge it, I know something is wrong and we have to try and fix that”

Where we go again, I walk out on her before she says something to offend me and get me upset.

I walk towards the garden to see Eloisa sulking at the poolside smoking, well I’m not the only one who feels not okay today. I take a sit next to her, she stare at me and I’m terrified.


 What the fuck happened to her, her hair is everywhere and her face is puffy and red and her eyes are like they are about to gauge out of her face, she looks like a crack drug addict. Okay maybe I went too far with the Lorenzo speech.

“You look like hell Elena, didn’t have the nicest trip, did you”

Trust her to always try to mess with me, even if she looks worse

“You don’t look any better, you know I was joking about Lorenzo right, he doesn’t have anyone serious, so stop making me feel bad and go back to being the perfect little you”

She looks at me and frown before hugging me, as weird as this is, I feel comforted and relax in her arms, I do feel we both need this hug

“I do know you lied about Lorenzo, but still it got to me that I might not be the one to end up with Lorenzo, he is a good man Elena, it is hard to find good men like him, trust me I should know, I have dated half of the male population and they are all crap. So stop feeling bad and worry about yourself, you have to make that husband of yours acknowledge you, but don’t you ever try what you did yesterday or I promise you I will drive a knife through your fucking throat”

I giggle and relax in her embrace, well there goes how nice my sister can get, she releases me and put her arms around me

“Let do a makeover Elena, I really miss that, we only played that way when we were thirteen, Please I need it to relax and you will love it”

Okay what!, I hate being Eloisa pet doll, we stopped playing makeovers after Eloisa kiss Timmy, a boy I liked and that ended all our play time, but maybe I need this to relax. I nodded at her and she giggles as we both get up and march pass our parents smiling, while they both stare at us in shock, we get to Eloisa room, since she has all her beauty kit there.

 We both first showered and did each other’s makeup, before we both did each other’s hair, Eloisa likes her hair curly and wavy, while I liked mine straight, then we moved to the dress up games, we end up laughing and cheering at each other’s costumes just like we used to do when we were kids before collapsing in her bed, jeez, I feel exhausted.

She looks at me and smile

“You know I don’t hate you right, it just overwhelming having someone who looks like you but she is different and so sophisticated, I sometimes wish I could be like you Elena, facing life head on, saying no to mom, having dad support you all the time, it is tiring sometimes to be jealous of you”

Seriously, did she just say she is jealous of me, I never would imagine her say anything like that, Ever.

“I don’t hate you too Eloisa and yes it is overwhelming having someone that looks like me but you are a perfect and prettier version of myself, I too get tired of getting jealous of you”

She looks at me and smile before cuddling me and I snuggle into her arms more

“We should talk like this more often, it does feel nice to have peace with you Elena instead of being at each other’s throats all the time”

I smile back at her as sleep consumes me, well at least I have my family supporting me, even if sometimes the support is shady.

I am woken up by Eloisa, shaking and making a fuss all by herself 

“Wake up Elena, you sleep like a pig, it’s time for dinner, get the fuck out of my bed, you are ruining my favorite duvet with your smelly saliva”

Well I was expecting everything to return to normal once we were awake and it did, I got up and stare at Eloisa who was looking at me with a scowl before I grin at her and fart

“How dare you!, you smelly dirty pig, how dare you fart on blankie!, you are so dead Elena”

I quickly dodge her attack and make a run for it to the dinning table, I take a sit near dad who is smiling at me, Eloisa runs downstairs and glares at me before she takes her sit near mom

“Well you two look happy and cheerful this evening, this is what I love to see, my two beautiful girls getting along as the sisters they really are”

I smile at dad and so does Eloisa before she turns and glare at me, I’m sure she is planning her revenge on me with that twisted mind of hers

“Girls are you listen to me at all”

We both turn towards our mother, I didn’t hear a word she said, she looks at us annoyed before she shrugs it off

“Your father has decided to retire and we have decided that before he does that, he teaches you two the ropes around his business, we are having his official retirement party tomorrow evening and we are inviting a lot of people, especially business associates and the company workers, so that your father can introduce you both officially as his heirs”

Eloisa smiles and cheers, my dad looks at my mom and grumble to himself, why do I feel he is not on board with this plan of hers

“Elena is the one taking over the business Eva, Eloisa will help her out and also face her career, don’t twist what I said “

Eloisa still continues to smile but I feel nervous, taking over daddy’s business is a big deal and a big responsibility, I can’t even handle my life properly, how the hell I’m I going to handle his business, dad touch my hand and smile at me

“Don’t be nervous my darling, I’m sure you will do a great job, don’t worry everything will be fine “

Right, everything will fall into place, I take a deep breath and calm my raging nerves, everything will be okay, I do hope so.

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