Elena’s POV 


Today has to be the most hectic day of my life, I had to wake up 

by 6am this morning and look over the arrangements of the party hall with mom and Eloisa and her event planner, then we went to the Spa and then to the salon and to the mall, the jewelry shop, and now I’m stuck in one of the hotel rooms where the party will take place, with my bathrobe on and my makeup done and few hours before the big party.


I had selected an emerald strapless sparkling straight gown, that is knee length and hugs me like a second skin, mom said it brings out my body and makes me look fat and huge, she never stops complaining, but I love the dress, it makes me feel sexy, I selected a diamond set of necklace, earrings and bracelet to go with, I had my hair curled today, and put it over one side of my shoulder. 

I relax and try to calm my raging nerves that has gotten me in a tight corner, I try to calm myself and think of Diego, he didn’t even call to ask me how I got home or even to apologize, I’m starting to feel that I was so wrong about Diego and about our love, love doesn’t feel this way, the one you love don’t abandons you. Now thinking about Diego has my nerves calm, but my anger is shooting up the roof, I do pray today goes well and nothing bad happens, I turn back to get my dress on and go downstairs to check up on the arrangements, if I stay up here any longer my raging nerves and anger is going to put me on total shutdown.

I put on my dress and take a look at the mirror, to my surprise I look beautiful, I feel beautiful, sexy and confident. The dress hugs my body and brings out my curves more and my stomach doesn’t look big in it, it actually looks flattened, well I have a boobs show for the male population in the party. I turn to see my dad staring at me with teary eyes, I don’t get to see my dad cry everyday, the last time he cried like a baby, was two years ago on my wedding day.

“I always seem to forget that my baby is all grown up and a confident and brave woman now, you look adorable and beautiful my angel”

I smile at him as he tries to drive away the tears, I walk over to him and embrace him, I need as much support I can get today 

“Nothing is going to go wrong my angel, you are going to be perfect and do great because you are incredible “

I release him from my embrace and smile at him, I can’t cry, my makeup will get ruin

“I know dad and thanks for cheering me up, do you need me downstairs, is there something you need”

He looks at me and smile 

“Nope, I just wanted to see you personally before we get out there, your mother and Eloisa are already downstairs handling everything, you don’t have to worry, come downstairs when you want and if you think you can’t do this, come straight to me and I will drive you back home, who cares about your mom’s boring retirement party anyway “

We both laugh at his silly jokes, I know if it was only up to my dad he will never have this party and just pass the business to me with no stress, but mom likes to do everything in the big way

“Dad, mom will kill us both if we even think of walking out of her retirement party for you and I know you don’t want to hurt her”

He looks at me and nods, before smiling, I smile back at him

“I will be downstairs with your mother, come downstairs when you are ready”

I nod at him and watch him leave. Okayyy, I can do this, I can do it, how hard can it be, I will just have to meet new people and try to mingle with them. 

Who I’m I kidding, I can’t do this, I can’t, I hate meeting new people. I take a deep breath to calm myself but it seems to not be working, my nerves are everywhere and I’m breathing like I had just run a marathon, I heard the door open, I turned and saw Diego, how the fuck did he get here

“My love, I know you are pissed with me, I didn’t call because I wanted to surprise you and here I am”

I look at him smiling and all the pain returns, my nervousness is gone, but I’m burning hell up inside me

“You left me in California!, you didn’t even bother to call to apologize or even to ask about my welfare!, what kind of a man are you!, I’m starting to believe that it was all wrong from the start”

I yell at him at the loud top of my voice, He looks at me with sad eyes, I can’t fall for his puppy eyes trick, I won’t 

“Baby I wanted to stay, but Lorenzo explained everything to you right, I couldn’t call because of the signal failure and I wanted to surprise you, so I didn’t bother calling again. Come on don’t be like this Elena, you know how much I love you, I would never abandon you my love”

He steps closer to me and caress my cheeks with his palms, I snuggle into his arms and try to stop the water works on the way

“You hurt me Diego, I was heartbroken and frustrated with what you did, you just left me like I didn’t matter at all to you, I want to believe you Diego, but actions speak louder than words”

“Look at me Elena”

I look up into his beautiful hazel eyes and I remember how much I seem to love this man, why do I always turn into a damn dummy around him

“Baby I love you and I know that I hurt you so much but please give me a second chance, let my actions speak louder than my words, I’m here now and I’m not leaving you anytime soon, I promise my love”

Second chance, I can do that, after everything that has happened, Diego is still my husband, if I can find it in me to hide secrets from him, I can prove everyone wrong and make this work between us.

“Fine, but if I wake up one morning and you are gone Diego, then it is over between the both of us in every way possible, I mean it Diego”

He smiles at me and drags me into his embrace, I relax in his arms. Dad was right, everything will eventually fall into place, I’m ready to take over.

Me and Diego go downstairs hand in hand, everyone was already here, the whole hall was full with colorful and beautiful people, we both walk to our table which is where my family was, my mom looked at us with surprise, I’m sure she is shocked to see Diego here

“Diego, I didn’t think I would be seeing you at our party, anyway I hope you have sort out your problems with my daughter, I won’t have you hurting her”

Well trust my mom to bring out the juicy part first, I smile at her and watch Diego’s expression carefully, he doesn’t feel offended in anyway 

“Yes Mrs Cortez, your daughter and I are okay and there is no problem between us and I promise I will never hurt her”

Mom smiles back at him and engage him in one of her usual talks, before she left to meet dad, then Eloisa arrived in her golden shiny gown, that hugged her slim and slender figure and brings out her eyes more, with her was Lorenzo. How can I face him, what do I do, what do I say. I have to relax and put my plan in action, nothing ever happened between the both of us 

“Diego, you are here, I’m sure my sister is so happy to see you on her special day, and it was nice of you to bring Lorenzo along”

Eloisa smile at me and grin at Diego, who return her smile and chuckle to himself, but all that was forgotten the moment I locked eyes with Lorenzo, his eyes was fixed on me and he was giving me that confusing look, Lorenzo has always been a man to capture a woman’s heart with only his gaze, he had the most beautiful dark brown eyes I have ever seen and his beautiful brown hair that matches his eyes and sharp jawlines and his well built muscular tall body and well tanned skin.

I quickly avert my eyes, staring at him might get suspicious, but why do I feel that he is still staring at me

“How are you doing Elena”

I turn to see Lorenzo’s eyes still on me, why did he have to talk, now Eloisa and Diego are now more focus on the building conversation 

“ I’m good Lorenzo, hmmmm, babe I have to go and meet dad, he wanted to introduce me to some of his business associates”

Diego nods at me and I quickly make my move away from Lorenzo, I pick up my pace when I notice that he was following me, i eventually bumped into dad. Thank God!, I wonder what he was up to, dad smiles at me

“Elena, I was just about to go and find you, well come on, I have some few important business associates I want you to meet”

I walk along with dad and slowly sneak a peep at my back, to see Lorenzo And Eloisa talking but his eyes were still on me, I quickly avert my gaze and relax and follow dad, if I’m able to get through tonight lord, I will appreciate it.

Dad introduced me to a whole lot of people, I got to meet his business associates and partners, and all the important people, my dad runs various businesses and he was a major shareholder in some people’s company. We finally part ways as he was to give a speech anytime soon, I relax in an empty table in the back listening to my father’s speech at the stage and my mom by his side.

“Why are you trying to avoid me”

I turn to my side and saw Lorenzo, how the fuck did he find me

“I am not trying to avoid you, if you haven’t noticed Lorenzo, I have been busy”

His eyes never left mine and that makes me quite uncomfortable, I have to try and escape him

“Excuse me, I need to talk to Diego”

I quickly make my move and take the stairs, I turn to see him following me

“Why are you following me!, for Godsake don’t you have anything to do”

I yelled at him, but he continues to follow me, well let see you try, I pick up my pace and run, I finally Manage to lose him along the way, I step into my hotel room and relax in the armchair 

“You know you are a really good runner, I thought I lost you back there and Diego is downstairs having a busy conversation with your sister”

How the fuck did he get here, how did he even find my room

“Lorenzo can you caught to the chase and end this, how did you get in here”

He looks at me and grin and take a sit opposite me, I don’t want this at all

“I own the hotel Elena, I pretty much get whatever information I want around here, it time we talk about that night”

Is he really serious, he looks serious but I’m not ready, I don’t want to ever talk about it

“Nothing happened Lorenzo, we got drunk and ended up sleeping in the same bed, I don’t know what night you speak of because nothing happened “

He frowns at me, I have to get out of here, I can’t let him get to me. I try to get up, but he hold my hand and drag me closer to him, we are just inch away from our lips touching, he continues to stare at me and use his other palm to touch my face, Okay my nerves are everywhere again, How can I get out of here now!.

“We are too mature to play the ‘it never happened game’ Elena and you are a bad liar, we need to talk about that night Elena, it happened and we can’t change that”

I can see he has lost his mind, I try to release myself from his grip but it ended up getting tighter and he continues to draw me closer

“Okay fine, we will talk but can you let me go, this’s quite uncomfortable and you are hurting my wrist”

He let me go with a smirk, I quickly Stand up and stand close to the door, he seems to get my hint and also stand up but he stays still. Okay all I have to do is tell him what I have to say and get the hell out of here

“Listen Lorenzo, whatever happened that night was a mistake, it shouldn’t have happened but it did and I know we can’t change that but we can act like it never happened and move on with our lives, I beg of you, me and Diego are just getting things working again and I don’t want to ruin that, I know you will understand “

He stands still for a while before he approach me, what the hell is going on in this man’s twisted mind 

“Yes indeed it was a mistake but I don’t want to forget about it Elena, trust me I have tried but I can’t, I love you Elena, I always have, from the very first time I met you but before I could get you, you were already with Diego. I let you go, I have tried to bury my feelings for you but now I can’t anymore, I can’t act like nothing happened Elena, I’m willing to fight for you fair and square “

He is crazy!, he has definitely lost his mind, how did I get myself into this mess

“You are Diego’s bestfriend, he is my husband if you have forgotten, my sister is inlove with you Lorenzo, if this is a terrible joke then you better stop it, cause you sound hysterical “

I whisper-yell at him, he has to kidding, I can’t imagine what is going on in that crazy head of his

“It’s not a joke Elena, you know me, I’m not one to joke about things like this”

He steps closer to me and I step backward, this has to be a nightmare, a freaking nightmare 

“Lorenzo step back, this is very wrong and you know it, you can’t be serious Lorenzo, I don’t want this, it was all a mistake”

He stops moving and stare at me with sad eyes, I quickly make a run for it. What is happening to him, he loves me, how can he love me, this has to be crazy, sometime ago i didn’t have anyone looking at me and now I have two men who are inlove with me, this has to be crazy, Lorenzo is crazy.

I quickly go downstairs and back to the party, that when I spotted Diego speaking to a slender and tall brunette in a black dress and her arms wrapped around him, before she leans in and kiss him on the cheeks. How dare she, I walk towards them in anger

“What is going on here”

Diego turns to me and the smile that was plastered on his face is completely wiped out, so he was enjoying being touched by another woman 

“Baby, we were just talking, she is an old friend “

Diego tried to lead me away from her, there is no way in hell I’m going to believe him, I turn back to see the woman staring at me with a frown

“Who are you, Diego who is she, I thought you came alone babe”

Babe!, how dare him, I look between both of them, Diego looks at me with pleading eyes and the woman was staring at me with a scowl on her face

“I should be asking you that question, since you are the one who had her fucking arms wrapped around my husband “

Out of anger I yell and every eyes on sight turn towards us, the woman looked at me with a shocked expression before she chuckles, what does she find so funny, Diego tries to pull me away but I stand still and refused to be moved, I want to know what she finds so funny 

“I can see the reason why you claimed to have come alone, please excuse me, I am not in anyway interested in your husband and a little advice, tie this husband of yours to your waist because you have a flirtatious husband and I think it because you are not his type or should I say size”

What the fuck did she just say to me!, she walks away from us, my eyes are burning with unshed tears, I look at Diego and back at the retreating figure, she just can’t, I quickly pick up the wine glass on the table and walk towards her, I turn her with force towards me and empty the content in the glass all over her, she yells and that grabs the attention of everyone in the room. Serves you right bitch.

“Babe what did you do, I told you she an old friend!”

Diego yells at me and tries to pull me away, I draw my hand from his, how could he do this to me, today of all day, I don’t know when I did it but my anger moved me and i landed a slap right on Diego’s face, he looks at me with shock and angry eyes. I have to get out of here, I quickly make my way back upstairs to my room, this has to be the worse day ever, dad was wrong, everything will never be okay.

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