Lorenzo’s POV

I had accompany Diego to the party back in Los Angeles, not because I wanted to but because I was invited and I needed to talk to Elena.

I was planning on coming alone till Diego made an appearance, I’m sure he is only here because he heard that Elena was taking over her father’s business, that was the only reason why he was interested in her, because she was the main source to getting his hands on her father’s business.

But his appearance ruined what I had planned, I wanted to try and convince Elena genuinely of my feelings for her.

I wasn’t going to use Diego’s mistakes against him just to win her heart, I want to win fair and square, but with him here things were going to be hard and with Eloisa following me all about like a little puppy makes it even worse.

I won’t say I wasn’t aware when she left the hotel back in California, I was well aware, I let her go because I knew she needed Time and she already felt guilty, I didn’t want her to feel more guilty, so I let
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