Moving Out

Elena’s POV

I woke up and stare at Lorenzo sleeping peacefully at my side, his arms wrapped around me.

I trace my finger along his jawline and his handsome face.

I should be feeling remorse, guilt, I just willingly had sex with my husband’s bestfriend again and again, all through the night, but i don’t, last night was the best night of my life.

Lorenzo made love to me like I was a goddess he worshipped all his life, he treated me like a woman with raging needs, he made me feel sexy, beautiful and beyond compare, he made me feel wanted and most of all he satisfied me and still told me he couldn’t get enough of me.

I loved what i did, I don’t feel remorse for trying to make myself happy. He must be exhausted, last night we had sex till this morning, I had to plead with him with the I’m tired speech to get some rest. I try to slowly remove his hands from me, so that I can get up. He holds me tightly, I turn to see him staring at me and smiling

“Good morning beautiful,
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