Elena’s POV

Lorenzo left me to my helplessness, I can’t get my mind off the fact that he is going to see Diego, I can’t help but be nervous, what if Diego knows about us.

I can not even believe myself, I am having an Affair with my husband’s bestfriend. What will dad and mom say when it is finally all out, what will Eloisa say, she will definitely hate me forever.

Oh God, what was I doing with Lorenzo, I didn’t even think twice that I was not only betraying Diego but everyone, I was so caught up in the sex and the love Lorenzo was giving me that I couldn’t think straight.

But I can’t lose a man like Lorenzo, I just can’t let him go, he makes me feel loved and happy, he is everything Diego is not and he is my dream man, can’t I be selfish for once and just want Lorenzo to myself.

I have to calm my raging nerves and think of what I will do when Diego comes over. I pick my phone to see it still working fine. I take a shower and put on my red yoga pants and a white t-shirt, I tried calli
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