Chapter 2.137


‘How could I have let this happen.’

Those were the only thoughts going through Christian’s mind. He held Siena in his arms and pushed her against him.

“I’ll get her back, Siena…I promise.”

Nothing could’ve prepared him for his missing good morning kiss or the letter Serena left him behind. Christian couldn’t help but blame himself for failing to detect Serena’s odd behavior. Was that why she told me about the pregnancy?

An uneasy Siena who could feel the missing presence of her mommy released a few whines, threatening to spill tears. “I know. I feel the same.” Christian kissed her head.

He had promised himself to get her back today, no matter what. Canceling his original plan to attack his uncle and turning his back on the families was not what he wanted, but Serena’s safety was a priority.

Other than the people who had the right to know, Christian hadn’t shared the news of Serena’s disappearance, and even Luci
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