Chapter 9

It was a few days further and I was still three months pregnant. Nope, absolutely nothing had changed and I still felt like shit. After finishing up my week behind the bar it was the weekend and somehow I managed to call in sick. Christian was out of the picture and so was Lucio who was at first surprised to see me in the kitchen but didn’t pay lots of attention to it.

I knew that if I had to work it tonight it would’ve been time to start dancing again, but I also knew that I couldn’t do that, at least not with a baby in my belly. After looking up several job applications I had quickly found out that no one was waiting on a college drop out.

My hands grasped for the abortion clinic booklet and I held it tightly. Why did it have to be this difficult?

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Jamie N Fox
I think if she told him he would be so happy and he probably understands why she wouldn't Christian to know
goodnovel comment avatar
Bella Jersey
Lucio really does love Serena. I really because she respect him and she doesn’t want anything from him of monetary. She does want his love and his soup. He loves it

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