Omar watched Aazim lift the sword high up with fury in his eyes and he saw the blade come down and rolled away just in time, but the blade didn't reach down, instead what he heard was Aazim scream out loud in pain, Omar looked up at Aazim who was holding on to his bleeding hand, a small knife had stopped his strike and had sliced through his fingers but didn't severe it. Omar looked back at Mariam who was still on the floor holding Parvina in her arms and looking at Aazim with a triumphant look in her eyes and a wide smile across her face, she was the one who had thrown the knife and with a perfect timing and good aim too. Aazim hollered in pain and the sword fell from his hands, he held on to his bleeding hand, wrapping it with the cloth he wore and looked up to Mariam, giving her a death stare. Omar smirked, the girl surely did know how to anger someone and find trouble.

"You! You insolent little brat!" Aazim growled. "You will most definitely pay for this!"

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