Sheikh Khalid

Sheikh Khalid bin Aaban opened his eyes slowly and stared up at the ceiling, at the fan slowly rotating and he let his eyes follow the circular motion before he blinked, once and then twice, he stretched his hand by his side and could feel the soft foam beneath him, he placed a hand on his chest and he wondered where he was or how he had gotten to be here and why was he just waking up. Propping up on his right elbow, he tried to sit up but his head ached terribly and he grabbed onto his forehead, wincing in the excruciating pain hee felt that throbbed in his brain. Thinking it better, he laid back down to calm himself and tried again to recollect how he had gotten here.  

Taking a deep breath, he looked around the room to familiarize himself with his environment, the bed he was on was set in the far end of the wall where the door was directly opposite and in between the bed and the door were two single sofas facing one another and a fancy glass table seperating them. To his
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