Upper hand

Omar left the room, closing the door quietly behind him and walked down the hallway, heading for the room in which he had his father kept in. As he thought about the whole scenario that had played out last night, the small talk he had with his father shortly before the King was killed, ok no, shortly before the doppelganger was killed leading up to the attack and his and Mariam's unfruitful attempt at escape, down to the surprise Mariam and her friends had unwrapped before his very eyes about them being impressive fighters, a soft smile played on his lips, but that smile was quickly replaced by a frown when he remembered Aazim, the man who had caused the untimely death of Parvina. 

Although Omar didn't know the girl as well as he knew Mariam, he could tell that she was the liveliest of the three friends, she was the smallest and undoubtedly even the youngest of the three. He cleared his mind and tried to wipe it off by thinking other things. Saadiya, where was she anyway? Si
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