Saadiya walked towards the room which Omar had told her that Mariam and the King would be in, she paused at the door a while and knocked before pushing the door open and stepped in. Mariam was seated by her father's feet with her head placed on his knee and her eyes closed and enjoying the motion of his hands on her hair and he patted and stroked her to calmness, she must had been crying, Saadiya thought.

"As salaam alaikum your highness." Saadiya greeted in a bow and both the King and Mariam turned to her.

"Alaikum assalaam Saadiya, come inside." The King ushered her in.

Mariam, on seeing her dear friend, sprang up from her father's feet and rushed into the arms of Saadiya, her tears flowing afresh and she sobbed into her chest.

"Saadiya..." She cried. "Where did you go? You shouldn't have left me too."

"I had to... Mariam, I had... Parvina." Mariam looked up to her eyes as soon as she had mentioned Parvina. "I had to take her body home."

"She's really gone?" Mari
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