Chapter 367

Chapter 367


If there's one thing that I don't want and one thing I don't want to go through again is the same hurt that I felt when Maxwell left me. You can love someone and give your all in a relationship but if the trust is not there then there's something that's missing people often say they trust is like a plate once you break it you can't put it back together but I beg to differ because once you break a plate it's up to you if you sweep up the pieces burn them making your plate it's ceramic for crying out loud so why would you not want to fix what was once broken and see if this person is capable of changing because everyone is capable of change if they want to change and if they are changing for the right person because if someone refuses to change they can actually limit the growth I always say a person who doesn't want to change as like a stagnant water , if doesn't move it can harbor filth.

Water like blood is a life force. It's constantly moving and it's constantly
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