Chapter 368

Chapter 368


I'd like to believe that I'm not a skeptic but that would be lying. I know for a fact that I am a skeptical person because sometimes people don't always tell the truth, sometimes they just do and they sometimes make it into something that they want you to believe. There are always three sides to a story. I will say that there's always four sides to every story, there's the part that you hear, there's the part that the other person has to tell, the part that people believe is their own opinion of the truth and then the one that balances all is the real truth.

When somebody says something it is always right to ask the person that they are talking about if what you heard was true if you don't it means that you choose to believe the truth that the other person who's lying told you and then you have to either verify the truth or believe the truth or someone else's version of the truth instead of hearing it from the horse's mouth. Deep down I knew for a fact that Matteo Ma
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