Chapter 369

Chapter 369


The worst thing about setting up a meeting is if the person who set up the meeting doesn't pitch for the meeting and were civil and swine you know that the meeting is very important to both parties because it has to do with me marrying someone who requested for a meeting that I so wanted and now he's not here to eat the fruits of his labor. I'm still confused as to why Maxwell decided to have cold feet and not come to the party he's not the type of guy to chicken out of something that he said that he would do he's always been dependable and he's always been directed deliberate and intentional so for him to do what he did at a very important time of my life and at a time when I needed him the most is sort of out of character because it's not the guy that I've come to know and it's not the man that I thought and mind you thought being the operative word I was going to marry.

I had to focus on the positives if I was still confused at how things had turned out and if
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