Chapter 371

Chapter 371


have you ever been connected to someone so much so that you know that when something is wrong you can feel it in your blood bones and everything including your soul and you wonder if it might be something good or might be something bad or maybe it's just your mind playing tricks on you but I believe that when you are connected with someone and you've created love with someone you can feel when something is a bit off or something is wrong and in my case I did feel that something was off when I got taken away all of the sudden when I organised a meeting between Romano and Claudio. however understand reason why it happened but what I don't understand is the way I'm feeling right now because if you deserve the right has been pulled out from under me and I don't know how to react how to respond or 38 I don't know how you feel because I cannot comprehend how I feel everything was going ok I knew that the person that I loved and my loved ones are ok but all of the sudden t
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