Chapter 372

Chapter 372


By the time we made it to the hospital we had to enter another section of the hospital which was in the main entrance. I was a betting man. I'd say that these people have sections of hospitals everywhere they have wings .even when I traveled abroad with Daniel he had to go see a friend of his who was involved in a shooting that he wasn't supposed to be involved in and the level of security clearance was out of this world I had never seen security clearance like that and me being a football player which of course I'd need to get back to playing football our security clearance is nothing compared to the security clearance these guys have to get you have to be identified you have to know that you will be searched and the people that are searching you have to know that you're coming so for me to be tagging along with Fabio was a miracle.

As soon as we walked in we were offered something to eat and drink but I don't have the first to drink anything in all the appetite
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