Chapter 373

Chapter 373


I've been in pain before both emotionally and physically but combined it's a different kind of pain. Pain has levels that transcends by either triggers or events that trigger the same sensation that you felt before. It's like seasonal trauma but on a bigger scale because you feel it physically and you also feel that emotionally and no matter how hard you try not to feel like you always end up feeling it because it's meant to be felt.

I always said that if you have torrents for paying you can tolerate anything, any blow that hits you or any fall that you suffer. I didn't expect what would happen. It wasn't supposed to happen if I had just said that I wasn't pregnant and just kept quiet and walked away instead of letting my ego get the better of me. I had to help my territory. Paulina needed to know that what she was doing was wrong. I already admitted to wrongdoing by trying to stop her friendship with my fiance from blooming because I was afraid of losing him
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